[Nintendo Switch] Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of Musk~ Review

lyla cover

Title: 蛇香のライラ ~Trap of MUSK~
Developer:  Otomate
Release Date: 19th September 2019
Age Rating: 17+
Length: ~20 Hours
Links: Official Site, VNDB

This game takes place in the kingdom of Shanasa, where there is currently a gathering of royals from across the world. The protagonist Shirien works as a dancer in the Show Bar Kamal but also undertakes work as a spy. Somehow, she gets caught up with the arriving royals…

In Episode 1 ~European Night~ Shirien is tasked with going undercover to get close to Prince Vince in order to find out the whereabouts of Rolan’s younger sister Pamela.

In Episode 2 ~Asian Night~, the normally uninterested Korei falls head over heels for Shirien because she reminds him of his favourite fictional character. So, in order to keep his brother’s head in the game during the gathering of royals, Kirei hires Shirien to accompany Korei for the duration of the event.

In Episode 3 ~Arabian Night~ Shirien is asked to pretend to be King Lizaru’s fiancee until the original girl has managed to elope with her lover.

This is the switch port of the original PC games, which contains all three games in one package alongside a couple of bonus stories (one of which has a CG).




Shirien was orphaned in a fire as a young child and was picked up by the owner of the Show Bar Kamal. She has spent years training and is regarded as Kamal’s most talented dancer. Shirien also works as a spy and is quick-witted. She may be comfortable with men in regards to her job but does have a surprisingly pure side too.

Vince Lugan (CV Taniyama Kishou)


Vince is the crown prince of the country of Lugan. Lately, he has been cold and distrustful of anyone apart from his childhood friend/right-hand man Theodore. He’s skilled with a sword and is feared as the man who single-handedly murdered the Crydelle royal family and took over their kingdom. Vince appears to have little interest in women and generally lacks patience.

Rolan Crydelle (CV Tachibana Shinnosuke)


Rolan was the third prince of the former Crydelle empire. The empire was unusual in that women were in charge so from a young age he was locked up in a secret room within their main castle, which is how he managed to escape the massacre that befell his siblings. He’s currently searching for his younger sister Pamela and carries around a doll in her image. Rolan is a quiet, almost shy young man with little experience of the outside world. In order to hide his true identity, he takes up work as a servent in the royal residence in Shanasa but is incredibly clumsy.

Rin Korei (CV Okitsu Kazuyuki)


Korei is next in line to the throne of the Rin Empire. However, he has little interest in real life and spends most of his time fangirling over the myth of the white snake girl. He believes Shirien to be her reincarnation and falls in love with her at first sight. He’s actually a very thoughtful young man who’s hobbies include archery and painting.

Rin Kirei (CV Satou Takuya)


Kirei is the younger of the Rin brothers and is second in line to the throne. Unlike his brother, Kirei is very much interested in all women and is a definitely a flirt. He cares a lot for his brother and would do anything for him but cares little for the throne.

Lizaru Shanasa (CV Morikawa Toshiyuki)


Lizaru is the current ruler of the country of Shanasa. However, until 7 years ago he was sickly and not seen in public. Since then, he has built Shanasa into a prosperous country and continues to strive for co-operation between all countries. He’s a very intelligent man but can be tough to read. He has a pet big cat called Karuu.

Jemiru (CV Murase Ayumu)


Jemiru is an orphan who was picked up by Kamal’s owner and nursed back to health by Shirien. She considers him to be like a younger brother but he’s always grumpy and often rude to her but, of course, he does care for her really though. He works undercover as a spy and assassin & for some reason seems to have Lizaru as his current target?



Character design and artwork for this game was handled by Yuuya, whom has worked on a few of Otomate’s other games (normally the collabs with Ichicolumn) as well as a couple of other otome games under the name “Y at”.


Opening: Lyla – Itou Kanako
Ending: Aika no Fajr – Shimamiya Eiko

The BGM for this game was composed by Kagawa Kyousuke, whom also worked on Cendrillon PalikA.



Since this release does contain all 3 of the games, you basically just pick which one you want to play when you load up the software. Each individual episode has its own title screen & seperate CG gallery.


As per usual in Otomate games, there is system that lets you view your affection levels for the characters – the brightness of the lantern corresponds to their affection level.

While each game only has 3 routes – one for each character & the “true” spy ending (3P route), there’s a few bad endings so you may want a walkthrough. The flowchart makes it easy to jump back to choices & there is actually a skip to next choice/unread text option for once.


(Also the gallery screen was just really cute ;v; )

My Thoughts

When the Triangle Project games were first announced, this was the series I was most interested in but due to my old laptop being a piece of trash I decided not to get the PC games so I was super glad that there were console ports announced for these games. Even though I’m not a big fan of love triangles, the setting & more mature theme appealed to me but was it worth the wait?

I’m going to deal with each game individually because they’re pretty much seperate entities (there is one overarching storyline that they make a big deal out of in the “true” endings of earlier games and then attempt to deal with in the final game but I’ll get to that later).

Overall, the story in European Night is not great, to say the least. I feel like they try to get too political in Vince’s route (it was getting a bit boring imo) & the last part of Rolan’s route was just straight up random. There’s also a “truth” revealed in the spy route that honesly was easy to guess but it basically just builds up to this chapter called “The Real Truth” (or something along those lines) and has the most anticlimactic plot reveal ever – although it still makes me chuckle so maybe that’s a win? The rest of the 3P route is just Rolan annoying Vince so that was A+ content.

As for the characters, I’ll start with Shirien and she actually disappointed me a little. From the promo material she seemed like a confident and intelligent individual, which she is to some extent. However, during the romantic parts of each route she reverts to your standard “1000% pure innocent” otoge protagonist which just felt really out of character?

Vince just never grew on me at all – I guess he’s meant to be a kuudere but there’s just not enough cuteness to go with his icy cold exterior for my tastes. Like I said, I found his route to be boring, as well as just slightly distasteful with that one ~dubious consent~ scene. His bad ending was honestly my favourite & I preferred him as a side character in the other games.

Rolan, on the other hand, intrigued me by being the game’s only “cutesy” type character but (not gonna lie) the obsession with his sister’s doll was putting me off a bit. I am pleased to announce though that he’s actually just a really sweet boy, honestly more lonely than anything else which makes you just want to give him a hug. He’s my favourite from the game and one of my favourite characters that I’ve come across in a  while! He’s also really funny as a side-character in the other episodes.


Asian Night was actually the installment that I was least looking forward to before playing since neither of the main characters really interested me. Weirdly enough, it actually ended up being my favourite volume as I felt that the romance was better, there was no over-arching plot to complicate things and the 3P route was much more lighthearted. The character interactions in this volume were super fun and I really enjoyed the dynamic between Korei and Kirei.

Korei is definitely the more serious of the pair so I found his devotion to his fictional waifu to be downright hilarious. He’s surprisingly pure in his intentions at the start of the game and is completely adorable most of the time. I found his route to be really intriguing, political but in a good way – just like a period drama! He also looks too beautiful for his own good.

Kirei initially comes off as too flirtatious for me but ends up being unbelievably cute and almost puppy-like (although I’m sure he’d rather claim he was a wolf haha). His route is actually pretty great romance-wise as it was more of a slow burn and the payoff when the two finally get together is so worth it. His route does suffer a bit from the “villain” being quite annoying but I can definitely forgive him!

This game also gets major bonus points for the Spy (3P) ending basically just being comedic & fluffy, as opposed with the stupid drama forced into the other games’ spy routes.


Finally we have Arabian Night, which is the final game in the series & you should probably play this last if you want to experience the… glory… of the “true ending”. Also, route order is only important in this game where you should play Lizaru’s route first as Jemiru’s route does spoil a plot point for it.

Lizaru is first up and given that he was on the box art & was highly rated in the character polls I had really high expectations for him. After finishing his route, I can definitely understand why people love him and story-wise it was generally a pretty decent read (he’s just not really my type though!). However, there is just one plot point that does not make sense whatsoever and has been annoying me ever since so be prepared to just ignore it like the writers did.

Jemiru was another character that I had high expectations for since I love the rare otouto character type. His route went in exactly the direction that I expected (not necessarily a bad thing) but it also brings up the same key plot point that the writers just expect you to ignore????? Anyways, he’s pretty much a typical tsundere, heavy on the tsun side but definitely had some cute scenes. My one disappointment is the absolute lack of smut in his route.

Okay, hear me out here – normally I don’t complain about this kind of thing but when the game was basically sold on being smutty I found it really disappointing that Jemiru’s route completely failed in this regard. The game’s excuse for this is his age (17) which is fair enough BUT there’s no reason why there couldn’t have been a fluffy epilogue set a year after the main story (there’s actually not even really a reason why he’s 17 in the first place, he only really needs to be younger than Shirien (whom is 21) so I don’t see why they didn’t just make him 18?).


Right, time to stop being salty about Jemiru’s route and get onto the game’s true/spy route. The first half of this was basically a complete copy paste of Jemiru’s route with a couple of extra lines thrown in for Lizaru (about things that you, the player, already know) that you couldn’t normally skip because even though you’d read it, it was classed as a different chapter of the game and so technically unread. Therefore, I slowly just force skipped my way through this until finally getting to the actual new content which took a surprisingly long amount of time.

After all that trash, we finally get to find out the true villain of the game and what’s been going on behind the scenes all along. And it was a bit of a shock actually, a weird one but okay. I wasn’t a huge fan of the introduction of the random fantasy elements hastily tossed our way at the very end of the game but I guess they did technically clear most questions up with the additional diary entries in the game’s special section also adding some back story (poor PC players).

Overall, this spy route tried to be the most plot-heavy and was slightly underwhelming in the end as it felt like you still wanted to pick one of the guys in the end, rather than a 3P route since their personalities don’t exactly go well.


As far as the exclusive switch content goes, it was okay. The bonus group story was my favourite & was pretty hilarious. Each character also has a couple of bonus side stories – essentially events in their route shown from their perspective instead of the heroine + a sweet letter addressed to the heroine. These were very short but enjoyable nontheless. As I mentioned earlier, there is also a diary section which adds a little bit of extra backstory which was nice.

I wouldn’t call myself a big fan of Yuuya’s art style but the artwork itself was generally of good quality, with many of the CGs being slightly spicier than those typically seen in console otome games. There was enough CGs in most of the routes, perhaps with exception of the third game’s spy route as it was the longest.

The BGM was pretty forgettable to be honest but I really was a big fan of the opening song. As you can probably tell by the fabulous voice cast that Otomate assembled, the voice acting in this game was top notch & probably one of the highlights.

Finally, the system was decent. I did find the game to be a bit laggy at times, which is something I might expect from my old PS Vita but not the newer Switch so that was annoying. The skip to next choice/unread text feature also refused to work if there were no more choices which meant a lot of slow skipping in some of the routes. I genuinely have no idea why a working version of this feature is only in some of their games??

Final Thoughts


My Score: 7.5/10

While there may have been some problems with overcomplicating some stories and underwhelming plot reveals, the characters themselves were surprisingly likable as well as there being a lot of interesting world-building about each individual country. Asian Night in particular was a wonderful balance of romance, comedy & plot with both love interests being great so if you just want to play one game then I’d highly recommend that.

Character Ranking
Rolan > Korei > Kirei = Jemiru > Lizaru >>>>> Vince

Next week’s review will be for SoiKano, here’s hoping that I can get back into a weekly posting schedule!

Thanks for reading~


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14 Responses to [Nintendo Switch] Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of Musk~ Review

  1. I wonder why the skip-to-next-choice system just wasn’t working haha. I’ve been debating getting the pc version or the switch port, but it’s nice to see that regardless of which version, it seems to be a pretty good game. Disappointing to see the heroine wasn’t exactly as they marketed her as though.

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  2. Yoru says:

    I’ve been looking for a good review of this game and SO glad I found one so thorough that goes a little bit more into details, and you even talked through all of the games. Thanks a bunch! ^^
    (I really would love to play the games myself, but my knowledge of japanese is not at all high enough to manage to understand the sweet things going on there…T.T)

    Which is why I turn to ask help from you; could you pretty please tell me what’s the thing between king Lizaru and Jemiru? Please spoil me away, I really would love to know everything about them, how are they connected? =D Why is Jemiru hired to kill Lizaru? Do they know each other personally, share some past experiences? Any/every information would be greatly appreciated ❤

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    • Amy says:

      No problem, hope that my review helped!
      I’m terrible at explaining things but I’ll try to go into the third game’s story a bit for you.

      Okay so the first thing is that Lizaru is not actually the true king of Shasana – his real identity is a vigillante by the name of Lyla Null (I can’t actually remember his real name because I’m a trash person – so sorry ;u;). He was getting really annoyed about the amount of crime in the country so breaks into the palace to meet with the sickly king (their bloodline is cursed so many of their decendents have weak bodies & die young). The king decides that Lizaru would be a better ruler than him so they decide to swap places – which supposedly works because, outside of a small number of servants, no one has actually seen the king in years.

      However, before he got so unwell the king had an affair with one of his servants who ended up getting pregnant & giving birth to a son. In order to protect him, the king sends him to live with one of his close allies (some lord/earl). Unfortunately, said lord had a bit of a gambling problem, lost his fortune and treated the young prince terribly. After undergoing a huge amount of hardships, the prince ends up becoming an assassin and is picked up by the owner of Kamal. Yes, it’s Jemiru. (The irony of the situation is that apparently Jemiru looks similar to his father & AbSoLuTeLy nothing like Lizaru so you’d think someone would’ve noticed the grand royal swap but I digress).

      Shirien also has some tragic backstory with Lizaru because the two met when she was younger and had run away from Kamal. They lived in a cave together for a short while & even now Lizaru still considers that girl to be “family” to him. He doesn’t realise that girl is Shirien though until way through his route since she’s obviously pretending to be his fiancee.

      Anyways, they all end up finding out because part of Shirien’s mission is to collect the blood of her clients whilst they’re under the “spell” of her Master’s henna tattoos. This only works on royalty though & has no effect on Lizaru (but explains why Jemiru is always so grumpy around her – he’s been trying to control his…ummm…urges? around her for all these years). The reason he’s collecting blood is to research ways for him to plant women all over the world that can pretty much control the world’s kings and emperors.

      I’m not going to get into the boring details but the trio eventually thwart the Master’s plan. Jemiru has a fluffy reunion with his father, whom has been living as a tabacco salesman & in order for him to regain his status, Lizaru announces to the court that Jemiru is his secret son & heir to the throne.

      Obviously, the endings are slightly different in each route – I went with the spy route ending here since it contains pretty much all of the main points from their routes. This is all from memory also so there may be a couple of small points that I’m missing (I have the memory of a goldfish + only bother remembering in detail my favourite character’s route aka Rolan lol ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;).
      Anyways, I hope that helps explain some of the game’s plot for you! c:


      • Yoru says:

        Can’t describe how happy I am that you went through the trouble and gave me such a big response, thank you! ^.^ It sure helped, yes yes =D
        Ohohoo~ So, vigilante named LYLA Null, ehh? Jakou no Lyla, hmm, HMMM xD but haha, no worries, though IF you happen to remember his true name or find it somewhere, I’m always ready to read it ^^ I’m also trying to find it, from some kind of spoiler site I guess xD
        Hahaa, but omg, that “plant women all over the world that can pretty much control the world’s kings and emperors” definately gives a whole new level of meaning to the phrase “Behind every successful man, there is a woman” xD
        After reading through this reply, I just love how well this game (these games) are done storywise, how pieces of puzzles get together. Nice ❤ So, was Jemiru ordered to kill Lizaru by Kamal's (or someone other's) orders, ooor was it like a personal thing, a revenge towards Lizaru? I guess Jemiru knew his identity since birth, or wait, did that lord/earl even tell him? xD
        I also love that fact how fair Lizaru is towards Jemiru with that secret son -lie, so nice ^^ BUT if that king's bloodline is cursed, doesn't Jemiru also have that same weakness? I'm just wondering about that plan of him then getting the throne after Lizaru, because there would still be that same problem as with the previous king? xD ^^''
        And also hey, don't worry about the memories, this already as it is has helped so much =D

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      • Amy says:

        I’m so so sorry for the late reply!

        Lyla actually means “light” according to whatever language they speak in Shasana so the game’s title just means “Light of Musk” which I believe was the PC games’ tagline. It does actually tie into the story because in order for the trio to figure out where Kamal’s Master was operating his shady dealings from they had to light this special incense that illuminated a map in the back of this book – so the musk scent literally lit the way, haha.

        Ooops, so sorry but I should’ve explained that Jemiru had zero idea of his heritage until he was reunited with his father! I believe he was sent on the assassination mission by Kamal’s Owner to basically keep an eye on Shirien at first.
        The way the “curse” worked on his bloodline was kinda vague but it was something to do with snake venom (black mamba?) that essentially was used to weed out the weak in their lineage. Therefore, not everyone is affected to the same extent & Jemiru shows no real illness.


  3. Yoru says:

    Awh, no worries at all! ^^ We all have our busy times anyway. Cough, I was also supposed to come answer sooner, cough xD

    Ooh, so that’s how it is, really cool o.o ❤ so the trio you mean Shirien, Lizaru and Jemiru? That's so nice, so they all come together at some point to work for the same cause? =D Love it.

    Aah, I see! That's so weird though, I wonder why the king's so-called friend/ally (that earl), the "adoptive father-ish figure" of Jemiru wouldn't tell about that little detail. Or then, I guess Jemiru was supposed to have a completely another life, so there would be no point of telling him about it. (Though it would've been a very useful information at that time, when his life took a serious drop, poor Jemiru..)
    Oh, so that's how the "curse" works, okay thanks ^^

    Well, I just love to talk & know about this game so much, so if you don't mind explaining, I'd love to know a little bit about the relationships between the guys =D (Just tell me if you get bored with me though xD )
    For example, the first two; Vince and Rolan. Since Vince is the fault with wiping out the entire Rolan's family, I bet they wouldn't really get along well..? ^^'' I mean, I've seen pictures of them together at some places, situations, so I guess at some point their paths will cross? Well, does Vince try to kill Rolan? Or, Rolan try to kill Vince as a revenge? Does their relationship get better? Oh, and will Rolan find his lost little sister or will they found out that she truly was dead, or? I don't mind spoilers at all! ^^
    With Kirei and Korei though I don't have a lot of questions. You already said in your review that their relationship is close, so they're good brothers to each other? ^^
    And lastly, Lizaru and Jemiru. So I guess their first (if it even is first?) encounter is a little bit bad one, with that assassination attempt, since I've seen that picture where Jemiru is trying to strangle Lizaru with a rope xD but after that, when they start working together and all, what's their relationship like? Are they getting along well, or are they bickering or sarcastic to each other? xD (I've seen this one picture of them looking at Shirien, but pointing hands/fingers towards each other with a displeased faces xD )

    Thank you once more for the review of this game, I and thousand others appreciate it a lot ❤

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    • Amy says:

      Yeah by Trio I mean Jemiru, Shirien & Lizaru – sorry I’m so bad at explaining things haha ^^;
      They end up working together to thwart Kamal’s Owner’s plan for world domination, they actually make quite the dynamic little group there~

      I’m not entirely sure why the Earl never told Jemiru but I assumed it was because he was a horrible person who probably hated that he had to spend money on feeding/clothing Jemiru. He actually ends up selling him to try and clear some of his debts so that explains how Jemiru ended up working as an assassin. Jemiru goes back and kills the Earl just before he winds up at Kamal so there was a LOT of resentment there!

      Totally not bored, it’s nice to discuss the games – this series seems to have been a little overlooked but it was certainly fun c:
      Lol, Vince and Rolan are probably the weirdest pairing. Rolan had a horrendous childhood where his older sister (the empress of Crydelle) literally executes servants in front of him so he realises that they were terrible people & doesn’t really hold a grudge against Vince for killing most of them (the only reason that Vince killed them is because they were planning to start a war on his country).

      Pamela, on the other hand, was supposedly the nicest sibling so Rolan has this obsession with her & thinks that Vince has kidnapped her so would probably murder him over that. Pamela was actually working under the influence of Kamal’s Owner and has been in love with Vince for a long time (even though he has zero interest in her). Pamela is actually the one who revealled how to get into the main castle at Crydelle & basically is responsible for her family’s slaughter. She turns up later in the game claiming to be some daughter of a noble in Lugan & proclaims herself to be Vince’s fiancee. She’s actually a really horrible person who despises Rolan and basically thinks he’s disgusting, etc. So that snaps him out of his obsession with his sister and he no longer has any real issues with Vince. We never really get to hear much of Vince’s thoughts on the matter but it’s basically that he doesn’t feel threatened by Rolan & doesn’t feel the need to kill him because he’s not evil like the rest of his family.

      In the other games, Vince brings Rolan along with him to the meeting of royals (as opposed to Theodore whom he brings in volume 1). It’s explained that he basically found Rolan wandering about near the castle in Crydelle and decided to train him up to be the eventual new Lord of Crydelle (of course still under rule of Lugan).

      As far as Korei + Kirei, they’re actually half-brothers (different mothers). Korei’s mother was the emperor’s first wife who was a ridiculously jealous person & murdered Kirei’s mother because she was the emperor’s favourite. Korei was close to Kirei’s mother growing up and has felt the need to protect Korei from the politics of the palace because of this, which is why he is pretty much the perfect successor. They’re very close & have such a cute relationship~ 🙂

      Lol, yes Lizaru & Jemiru get off to a terrible start but once they all find out who they really are, their relationship is more like older brother/younger brother, haha. They argue a bit but Jemiru argues with literally everyone so that’s to be expected! Ah, that CG is most likely from the Spy ending – it’s unlike ones in the previous games where the guys are happy to be in an “open” relationship (in vol 2 Shirien is literally like “I can’t pick between you!”, to which Korei and Kirei are like “that’s okay you can have us both”). They were probably arguing over which one Shirien loves more haha since the game makes you feel like you want to pick a guy at the end still (if that makes sense?).


  4. EssieP says:

    is this game only available in Japanese (with no English subtitles 😂)?


    • Amy says:

      Yes, unfortunately, the game is only available in Japanese as of now. Since Aksys Games seem to be the only company working on translating Otomate titles, perhaps they’ll release this one in the future.


  5. herb-chan~ says:

    This was a great review. I was really impressed with how smutty the trailers were so I really wanted to find out more about this game.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. cony jara says:

    hello! Excuse me where can I download the game for pc?


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