Happy 6th Anniversary!

It’s finally rolled around to the time of year where I marvel at the fact that this blog has lasted for yet another 12 months. Starting this little project of mine back in 2015, I never imagined having the motivation to keep the thing going for so long so I just want to thank my dear readers for helping to keep me here on this little corner of the internet.

As has become part of the yearly tradition, I’ll update you guys a little on what has been going on behind the scenes. Skip to the next picture if you don’t want to read me whine for a couple of paragraphs (I wouldn’t blame you!).

I complained last year about my back, and it unfortunately got worse this year and has caused me a lot of problems throughout the whole of 2021. I don’t really want to get into specifics but it has involved a lot of medical appointments and means that I sadly haven’t been able to work for most of this year.

The moral of the story here is simply to look after your back – don’t sit in one spot for long periods without moving, strengthen your core, don’t do any heavy lifing without the right technique/equipment & of course fix your posture when sitting at your desk!

I apologise for being slightly inconsistent in my posting this year, as the above reason pretty much explains most of it. It also completely ruined my translation plans as my mental simply wasn’t in it to focus on such an intense project this year. Translation is something I would like to revisit in the future though as I did enjoy what I did of it.

Now, finally, onto the blog itself. I’ve definitely been more focused on galge the past year. This isn’t really anything against otome games but my backlog seems to be a 1:3 otoge:galge ratio so it’s probably going to continue for the next year in around the same proportion. Like I always say though, I think there’s a lot of galge that can appeal to readers of all genders so they’re worth reviewing.

I mean this is pretty much just my guilty pleasure blog anyways so I’m just going to play and review the games that I want and hope that people enjoy the reviews either way.

I don’t really have too many upcoming plans for the blog, except to continue posting the usual reviews when I’m able (on the usual Fridays). I used to make lists of games that I was going to play but I find that I’m terrible at sticking to those so I can’t really promise anything. If anyone really wants a game in particular reviewed just comment and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

My backlog remains as ridiculous as it was last year due to DMM’s ridiculous seasonal sales. Someone save me. Therefore, most reviews will probably be of older titles. There’s also not really very many upcoming titles that I’m desperate to play (maaaaaaybe Shuuen no Virche).

Therefore you can expect the same quality™ posts for the next year, without too much drama hopefully.

Here’s to another year of Zettai Renai & thank you for being a part of it!


About Zettai Renai

Hello! ヾ(^-^)ノ Sometimes I write about Visual Novels. I particularly like cutesy/fluffy stories~ I also am eternally suffering in Enstars hell(˶′◡‵˶)
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6 Responses to Happy 6th Anniversary!

  1. Bernd says:

    Have been reading your block since early this year, always nice to see someone else talk about vns since they’re not the most popular genre. Anyways I really enjoyed your blog posts so far and hope you will keep up the great work :).

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  2. Happy Blog Anniversary, Amy! I hope your health improves and your back feels better soon. Thanks for your galge reviews. They’re really insightful and my backlog has grown tremendously thanks to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amy says:

      Thank you Leaf! ‧⁺✧(˶´⚰︎`˵)⁺‧ I always appreciate your comments!
      Haha, apologies for the ever-growing backlog though – I certainly understand the feeling!


  3. Mari says:

    Happy blog anniversary!! 😀

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