[Unboxing] After AGF 2018 Haul


Hello & welcome to a long overdue unboxing post! For those unaware, Animate Girls Festival is an annual event held in Japan that focuses on series aimed at (or generally just popular with) women. It differs from something like Comiket in that it’s only industry booths present so I guess it’s similar to what character1 is for galge? It’s been running for a few years now & seems to be pretty popular.
It’s something that I’d love to go to in theory but unfortunately social anxiety and agoraphobia prevent that from happening (it had over 90k attendees over the 3 days – I don’t think I can even imagine so many people crammed into an event hall omg (゚ω゚;) ).

But anyways, for those of us who didn’t attend the event animate kindly puts some of the leftover stuff on sale on its online shop. They made more of a deal of it this year and released information on what exactly would be up for sale a few weeks in advance. However, when the sale went live their website was obviously bombarded with fans desperate to get their hands on their bias’ merch (I was one of those people lol) so the website crashed/ran very slowly. The sale went live at 1am where I live (10am JST) so I would’ve given up and gone to sleep pretty quickly if it wasn’t for the fact that I was convinced the one thing I really wanted would be out of stock in the morning (which it was btw) so I stayed up for over an hour trying to place my order, which involved me accidentally clearing my cart on one occasion when I restarted my internet browser. I literally could’ve cried when I finally got my “order confirmation” email at 2:30!

Okay that’s enough backstory, time to go and look at some of my poor life decisions~


First up are these keychains featuring some of the unit leaders from Ensemble Stars! I believe the images were originally used to promote enstars branded glasses earlier last year or something? I was appreciative of something where I could just pick the characters I wanted so just had to snag Nazuna, Rei & Natsume. Anyways, I liked the images so I bought them – I was sure I’d ordered Leo too but apparently not???? Well done 2am me. These keychains are pretty big so I probably won’t use them on my car keys but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with them.


I also ended up buying these two enstars pens (the switch & ra*bits designs). Each pen has 4 colours of ink + a mechanical pencil (which I was weirdly delighted by). The colours each pen has:

  • Switch – Black, Blue, Red & Green
  • Ra*bits – Black, Blue, Pink & Light Blue (which was described as “Milk Blue” on the packaging?)

The pens have quite a fine nib and write pretty well actually, I’m obsessed with the pink & light blue colours the ra*bits pen has. So cute! (*⌒∇⌒*) These were a pretty random impulse purchase but the different colours will definitely come in handy when writing revision notes or something.


Okay, this was the item I really wanted & knew would be sold out! These keyholders are so heckin’ cute but I knew that Set B would sell out quite quickly (thanks KnightsP!). Unfortunately set C wasn’t available to buy since it must’ve sold out at the event but the only character I wanted from that set was Rei so I’m sure I can find him online somewhere. I only bought one from set A in case I was lucky enough to get Mika. The rest of my favourite characters are in Set B so that’s why I got 6 – I was too nervous about doubles to buy anymore than that! ( ・◇・)?

Unfortunately I didn’t get Mika but Kanata wasn’t a bad substitute ( ^_^ )
I also really like that the back of each of the keyholder is decorated in their corresponding unit’s motif.


I was honestly so nervous opening these keyholders – it was like scouting in the actual game! For some reason I totally wasn’t expecting any of the Knights guys so to get my 3 favourites was a complete shock! I was also over the moon to get Natsume & Tsumugi.
In an ideal world I would’ve swapped Jun for Sora or Nazuna but I’m honestly pretty pleased by this result! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

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Okay, onto some other series now. I randomly picked up two of these Collar x Malice Acrylic Keyholders w/ stands. I was pretty happy to get Shiraishi & Mineo since I really like all of the guys from the game. (kinda sad not to get Kei but all of the designs were adorable) I also appreciate the fact that the stand is attached to the chain since I’m forever worrying about losing them.

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I also ended up getting two of the Nil Admirari keyholders/stands too. I wanted Hayato but Shougo & Hisui would be my second & third picks so I’m relatively happy. I was going to get the Peri/Perry puppet & badge set but decided against it since I didn’t really want the badges.


I ended up buying five of these “Keyholders with a Case” from Shiro to Kuro no Alice. The “case” in question is basically a sleeve made of flimsy plastic so I feel these were slightly over-priced. However, the case is quite small so won’t get in the way & should definitely help protect the keyholders since I’ve managed to scratch the back of quite a few I’ve used in the past… (´;ω;`)

Aside from that, the designs were so cute that I ended up buying way more than I intended! I originally wanted to buy Luna, Kanon & Minette but Jack & Snow looked so adorable that I couldn’t resist! I very rarely buy any merch of otome game heroines so that should probably speak volumes about how much I love Luna.

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Finally are these 3 roroalice “goodnight” keyholders – I loved the artwork for these so much! I’m in love with how cute Jack’s is! I’m not Rain’s biggest fan but I’ll admit that his keyholder is bemusing – at least I never got Airi!


So that was my little “haul” of goodies from After AGF 2018. I’m not normally one for buying a lot of merch but I really like keychains & it’s sometimes quite fun to have merch to support your favourite characters/series. I blame the fact that I was playing the Shiro to Kuro no Alice FD for me buying so much from that series though!

Overall, I was really happy with the items I received and would definitely purchase again if they have one for 2019’s event – it’s definitely a lot easier & cheaper than trying to find the items for sale via auction/surugaya, etc… (I remember paying a small fortune for some B-Project keychains a couple of years ago! (´ω`。) )

I know I was meant to post a game review today but I was too lazy to finish it & decided to do this instead. I’m also planning to do an unboxing post for the stuff I ordered in January that should be out next week~

I hope everyone had a fun Valentines Day – I spent mine eating candy & playing games (so just a normal day then!).

Thanks for reading! (*´∇`)ノ


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  1. You always have the best hauls 🙂 I can’t believe it took you an hour just to get your order I would’ve been stressing out so much I’d have just given up thinking I’d never get my babiez. If they ever magically decide to put Noctis merch on their site my wallet will scream for dear life.

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