[Unboxing] August 2018


Soooooo I *might* have bought more games than I originally intended this month but I’m trash so it should be expected by now (´;ω;`)

Note: This post is image heavy and contains items that I bought in August/released in August. I was going to post this earlier but figured I may as well wait for Piofiore’s LE since it’s probably the most interesting thing in this post, haha.


First up are these 4 otome games that I bought during animate’s summer sale. All 4 were either 70 or 80% off so were SUPER cheap (hence why I couldn’t resist ordering!)

  • 7’Scarlet – I had truly intended on buying the English release of this game but hadn’t gotten around to it. However, it was too cheap on sale to pass up so I don’t mind playing the original.
  • Diabolik Lover Lunatic Parade – Aside from the original, all of my dialovers games have been bought at a discount. I’m committed to completing the series so I need to get around to playing Dark Fate at some point soon.
  • Gakuen Club – Another game I was going to buy the English version of but I prefer playing games on my vita. Melo artwork + great CVs means I couldn’t resist getting this for my collection!
  • Torikago no Marriage – This was 80% off so even if it’s trash I can’t really complain. I don’t know much about this game but it has a voiced heroine so that’s a great start~


Both of these games were pretty cheap too so I figured I may as well buy them. I originally intended to buy Usotsuki Shangri-La back in November but for some reason never did (I probably overspent on something else /sweat). I’m looking forward to playing it though. Galtia sounded quite interesting and I considered pre-ordering but decided against it due to a lack of interest in the shop bonuses but I’m happy that I managed to pick it up at a discount! (*^ワ^*)


I also picked up these two galge really cheaply. I’m pretty sure that the original PC versions of both games were pretty well received so I’m looking forward to playing these at some point.


Okay onto stuff that actually came out this month now. First up is CharadeManiacs – I bought the LE because I was super hyped for this game (despite the fact I’ve only half-finished it almost a month later). I just bought the normal LE from Amazon JP so no fancy shop bonuses here (I’m lowkey regretting not getting the Stella Set)

Bonuses were your typical Otomate fare, although, I haven’t read the booklet since it states that it contains spoilers and since this is a mystery game I figured I’d try and avoid ruining the game for myself, haha. I actually prefer the Regular Edition’s cover for once so this LE might’ve been a little disappointing. ‘ ᵔ ‘  I just hope the drama CDs are nice!


I also picked up the LE of Koroshiya to Strawberry from Amazon too – isn’t that cover pretty? I’ve heard that this game isn’t that good but I’m still hoping that it’ll be a fun play (I think I have pretty low standards anyways).

My first surprise was the lack of pre-order bonus. I mean I know I should’ve checked the game’s website but I just assumed that there’d be one given that 95% of otome games come with something. Aside from this, the LE comes with your usual CD + booklet (which contains spoilers so I haven’t read).


Yay for more Lagrange Point singles! ヽ(^Д^)ノ


I ordered from animate so received the Shy badge & postcard, he’s my favourite of the pair so I was pretty pleased by this. The single itself is really good and both songs are great; Vertigo is my personal favourite though.


Since I’m weak for the twins I just had to buy R’s new drama CD, I’m looking forward to listening to it sometime soon. No bonuses with this since I never bought Atom or Rui’s CD, whoops~

I remember writing somewhere that I don’t really follow the Dear Vocalist series; which is partially true since I’m not the biggest fan of the drama CD parts but omg the music is really great on all of A’s CDs. Kimura Ryouhei’s vocals are soooooo good and I love the electronic/dance sound of the songs. Time to listen to both songs on repeat for the next few months (●♡∀♡)
This also came with a bonus CD that I’ll listen to at some point.


And my final CD purchase of the month was Undead’s album. I’ve been buying the LEs of all the releases because they’re pretty & I wanted the character commentary CDs.


Since I ordered from animate it came with 2 badges. I honestly was so happy I could’ve cried that I got Rei’s badge – Rei is my best boy in the game & this was the first time in 5 albums that I actually got my favourite unit member’s badge! Now I just need his limited 4* card in the game (I have multiple copies of the other 3  。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 )

As with the other albums this comes with all of the previously released songs, a new unit song & individual character songs. All of the songs are pretty good but Bloody Moon Vampire literally killed me. Too good~ (*´∀`*)
I really like the character comments on the CD itself too but why does Koga have such an extra signature??????

The photo booklet is also really nice (despite the dull cover) and the character commentary on all of the images were very fun to read. I’ve been reasonably impressed with all of the enstars albums so far but I’m literally heartbroken that Switch were delayed (especially since I’ll have to buy 2 albums in October!).


Finally is Piofiore no Banshou’s animate set! I’m sooooooo excited for this game that I just had to buy a shop set, hehe.

First of all is the usual LE + pre-order bonuses. Nothing much special here since, again, the booklet contains spoilers & since there’s a secret route in this game I don’t want to spoil who it is (although it’s clearly going to be the guy voiced by Tachibana Shinnousuke).


The main selling point of this set is the GORGEOUS tapestry by Riri. It’s honestly super pretty & I have no complaints. My dog decided that this would be a wonderful place to sleep on while I was trying to take this picture so I had to move quick to try and save it from her claws, haha.

The other animate bonuses were badges, drama CDs & a bromide. All of these are pretty nice – I’m happy that the drama CDs have all of the characters appearing at least once! The badges are super cute (but would’ve been better as keyholders 😛 ). I never pre-ordered this game early enough for the clear file which was a shame but I’m not too bothered. Overall, it’s a pretty nice set and worth the additional cost.

Phew, we’ve finally made it to the end of the post. I’m very happy with my purchases but I honestly hadn’t realised just how many games I’d bought until I started writing this. I know I can’t resist a bargain but this definitely illustrates why my backlog seems to be never-ending! ヽ(ill゚д゚)ノ

Oh well, September should be a bit quieter – I only have 1 game & a couple of CDs pre-ordered, although I did just buy another cheap galge while writing this post (¬‿¬)
I’m hoping to buy a switch at some point in September too, especially after seeing all those announcements at Otomate Party!

Did anyone else buy anything nice this month?

Thanks for reading!


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Hello! ヾ(^-^)ノ Sometimes I write about Visual Novels. I particularly like cutesy/fluffy stories~ I also am eternally suffering in Enstars hell(˶′◡‵˶)
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3 Responses to [Unboxing] August 2018

  1. I’m so surprised that otome game could be that cheap. Could I ask where did you get them? I often check Amazon but never saw that low prices.


    • Amy says:

      Hi, I get a lot of my cheap games from animate online shop’s sales. These were from their recently ended summer sale. They have sales every few months but you have to either be really quick and buy the popular games before they sell out or wait for a while until they start increasing the discounts for less popular games. They’ve just started another sale but games are currently only 30% off so it’s probably worth waiting just now since they’ll probably increase this discount to 50%+ in a week or two.
      Another bonus is that animate gives you “points” for purchasing there so I use these to get discounts on more games 😛

      Chara-ani also have regular sales and you can find recently released games for 50% off but you have to be super quick as they sell out fast.

      If you’re after rejet’s games then their online store Skit Dolce have sales like twice a year. Their last sale wasn’t anything special but I’ve gotten some games for like 50% off in the past and they often come with Skit’s shop bonus too.

      Suruga-ya are more known for their used items but occasionally have good discounts on new games as well.

      If you don’t mind buying used copies of games then Rakuten & Yahoo Auctions can have some great deals.

      Also, there’s a sizable community of people who only buy otome games/visual novels for the easy platinum trophies (which kinda kills me a little). These people tend to resell their games rather cheaply so there’s some nice bargains to be found, especially as shipping costs are low if the seller lives in your country. I personally have found some great sellers on the auction site Ebay.

      I hope this helps – I feel like I’m always hunting for cheap games haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much for the detailed reply. Love you!


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