January 2018 Otome Game(?) Releases

jan 2018

So it’s the first month of 2018 and one might presume that we’d get a lovely bunch of new games to start the year with. Well, unfortunately, this isn’t the case and there is literally nothing that isn’t a port being released. Oh well, I suppose that means the rest of the year can only be better!

Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark-


Original Title: エフェメラル -FANTASY ON DARK-
Release Date: 18th January 2018
Developers: HuneX & Dramatic Create (port)
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero C (15+)
Official Website

The heroine Chloe lives in a city surrounded by wire fencing that first appears to be more like a prison. As it turns out, it is a city inhabited only by zombies. Aside from the fact that a lot of her friends chose to die instead of becoming brainless zombies, Chloe still manages to live a fairly peaceful life. Chloe, who dreams of the outside world once more, one day receives a letter of invitation from a famous school which admits only the most excellent students, no matter what species of creature they may be. She hastily accepts and once there meets all manner of people from all different species and experiences the strict hierarchy of the school. However, what she also discovers is a forbidden love that crosses all species and class boundaries…

This is a port of the mobile game of the same name and adds in full voice acting for all characters. The fact that out heroine is actually a zombie rather than the usual “human accidentally ends up at magic school” is pretty interesting and that the game is now fully voiced is appealing. Werewolf Shiba seems so cute! I pre-ordered the animate set because I’m curious and it was pretty cheap so I can’t wait to see how it turns out~


And that’s us for this month! Ephemeral is the only JP otome game coming out this month but I figured that it looks kind of sad by itself so for one month only I’ll also include the other visual novels coming out on console:


Hello Lady! -Superior Dynamis-


Original Title: ハロー・レディ! -Superior Dynamis-
Release Date: 25th January 2018
Developers: Akatsuki Works & Dramatic Create (port)
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero D (17+)
Official Website

The is the all-ages PS Vita port of PC game “Hello Lady!” and its fandisc “Hello Lady! -New Division-“. The port also contains new story episodes and event images.

The game takes place in the 21st century, at a time when various social problems lie ahead for humanity. The young bright sparks of the future (called “Nobles”) are gathered and trained at the cutting-edge Amagawa Noble School. At the pinnacle of the school’s hierarchy are five beautiful girls called “Crowns”. One day, the head of the Crowns, Otonashi Saku ends up in the midst of a terrorist attack and is saved by transfer student Narita Shinri. As it turns out, Shinri was supposed to become the sixth Crown, however, he rebels against the schools hierarchy system and decides to take a stand against the other Crowns…

This game sounds pretty decent and the original has been well-received. Dramatic Create always seem to port intriguing-looking galge. Shinri is also fully voiced by Umesaki Charlie (aka Okitsu Kazuyuki) which may interest some people.


Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata


Original Title: 人気声優のつくりかた
Release Date: 25th January 2018
Developers: MintCube & Entergram (port)
Platform: PS Vita & PS4
Age Rating:  Cero C (15+)
Official Website

This is the console port of the PC game of the same name, with no additional content. The game follows Keito as he helps out the manager of “Production Bloom”, an average voice actor management company. While working there he meets and becomes closer to three girls, all dreaming of making it big as voice actors. Getting closer to them, he begins to understand the trials and tribulations of the industry and its impact on the voice actors that work in it…


Katahane -An’call Belle-


Original Title: カタハネ-An’call Belle-
Release Date: 25th January 2018
Developers: 10Mile & Prototype (port)
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero D (17+)
Official Website

This game’s story consists of two parts: Shirohane & Kurohane

The story begins by following young man Cero, who wants to become a history scholar, as he decides to leave his home town for a trip with his friend Wakaba and her younger brother Light. The purpose of the trip is to get Cero’s magical doll “Coco” tuned but Wakaba has her own reasons for accompanying him and is searching for actors to appear in her latest play. This play, called “The Angel’s Guidance” is a take on a controversial historical event but frames the nation’s greatest traitor Ein as innocent and has a happy ending. Due to the controversy, no actors have wanted to appear in the play but by a stroke of fate the group come across two women called Angelina and Bell who end up cast as the main characters. By the end of Cero’s grand journey, Angelica and Bell have firmly found their places within the group but just how will this play turn out??

Coco is shocked to awaken in a soft bed within an unfamiliar room. In order to figure out where she is, she decides to explore the corridor outside and quickly realises that she’s in a castle of some sort. However, she quickly becomes lost and decides that waiting for someone to find her might be the best option. Eventually, a beautiful princess dressed in white “Christina” and a magic doll with wings “Efa” appear before her. While speaking to the castle inhabitants, Coco learns that Christina and Efa are working together on a play called “The Fluttering of Angel’s Wings” and decides to help them with it. And finally, after some time has passed, comes the final rehearsal of the play. However, nobody could’ve expected such a large conspiracy to be revealed that day…

The PS Vita port promises to add in new story episodes.

Unlike most visual novels, Katahane doesn’t feature a single protagonist and instead regularly changes perspective between many of the main characters. The original game was very well received and it’s honestly quite surprising that it’s taken so long to get a console port. I’m actually quite interested in this – Fue’s artwork is always so cute!

(This is the PC version OP movie as I can’t find the PSV version)


My Picks for this Month:

1. Ephemeral
2. Katahane

At least next month should be slightly busier! Is anyone else planning on picking up any new games this month?

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