December 2017 Otome Game Releases

Note: while this post itself is SFW, one of the games featured is R-18 so its website is NSFW.

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We’re finally at the end of 2017, a year that has brought us both treasures and trash. At first glance, this month looks pretty standard but will there perhaps be some hidden gems?

Taishou x Alice Heads & Tails


Original Title: 大正×対称アリス HEADS & TAILS
Release Date: 7th December 2017
Developers: Primula & Prototype (port)
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero C (15+)
Official Website

This is the PS Vita port of the Taishou x Alice fandisc that was originally released on PC in April. There’s no additional content except bonus wallpapers and a “voice collection” system where you can save your favourite voiced lines to play them back whenever you wish.

The fandisc consists of 3 sections:

  • After stories for the main 7 characters.
  • Routes for popular sub-characters Ryoushi & Ookami.
  • “Gakuen Alice” – a comedic high school AU with all of the original characters as students + teachers.

While I’m surprised that this got ported so fast, I already own the PC version of this game so I likely won’t re-purchase straight away. The after stories are really cute though!


Neo Angelique Tenshi no Namida

neo an

Original Title: ネオ アンジェリーク 天使の涙
Release Date: 7th December 2017
Developers: Koei Tecmo & Otomate
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero B (12+)
Official Website

This is a sequel to the original “Neo Angelique” game released on PS2/PSP.

Two years have passed since the fated battle against Erebos – the sworn enemy of the world since the dawn of time. After saving the world, the heroine Angelique and her allies went their separate ways until a chance meeting once Angelique started attending the University of Cardina. However, it was at this time that they realised that there were two strange things happening on the continent of Arcadia: one was that there seemed to be a sudden increase in the population across the continent, with the villages and towns now seemingly overflowing with a lively energy. The other, more troubling, occurrence was the increasing reports across the land about damage sustained in attacks by unknown monsters.

While these two situations may appear unrelated at first, Angelique is suddenly forced to make a choice that could have huge impact on the entire world. With her new friends in tow, the group begin a new chapter of their story and just how will Angelique’s choice affect everything?

This game actually sounds kind of interesting but why on earth are they making a sequel for a game that originally came out over 10 years ago? If this was a port of the original game on vita (or if the original game even had a vita version at some point) then that would be great but I personally won’t be digging my PSP out of the abyss to play the original.

Himehibi Zoku! Nigakki -New Princess Days!!-


Original Title: ひめひび 続!二学期-New Princess Days!!-
Release Date: 14th December 2017
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero B (12+)
Official Website

This is the PS Vita port of the PS2/PSP version of ” Himehibi -New Princess Days- Zoku! Nigakki ” with no new additional content.

After the sudden death of her parents, Kamikawa Nanami now lives with her older brother Akira. However, due to his work as a school inspector, he can end up being transferred all over the country, taking Nanami with him. His latest assignment is to the elite, former all-boys school “Tenjouji Academy”. However, it quickly transpires that Nanami is the only girl at the school! Just what kind of fate awaits her at a place like this?!

I actually bought the port of the original game a couple of months ago but have yet to play it, haha. While this game seems more appealing than the original, I’m more excited for Takuyo’s upcoming port of mobile game Cafe Cuillere to be honest.


Kiniro no Corda2 ff


Original Title: 金色のコルダ2 ff
Release Date: 21st December 2017
Developer: Koei Tecmo
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero B (12+)
Official Website

This is the fully voiced PS Vita remake of the original Kiniro no Corda2 game and adds in the following:

  • New story events for all main characters
  • Over 30 new CGs
  • All original CGs will be touched up
  • A route for Fudou Shouma, a character from the Kiniro no Corda mobile game
  • A romantic ending for Kira Akihito

This game takes place 6 months after the original game and follows Hino Kahoko’s school life at Seiso Academy – a prestigious high school with a special music department. After her meeting with a magical violin, Kahoko discovered her love of music and has been working hard, competing against her rival students ever since.

The seasons change to Autumn and Kahoko is challenged by her rivals to set up an ensemble and put on a concert. In an ensemble, the bonds between the group are the most important thing of all and by spending time together at events such as the culture festival, sports day and even exams these friendships begin to deepen. As time passes, perhaps a melody of love begins to play…

I was actually interested in this game despite never playing a Kiniro no Corda game before, even though I’m not sure if you can just jump into the second one BUT there’s going to be over 9000 yen worth of DLC released on the game’s day of release (with more to follow omg). This is something that I simply cannot support in otome games since it’s more expensive than the darn game itself?! I’d rather just buy another 2 games than spend that amount of money on after stories and other short events, what a rip off!


Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~

code rea

Original Title: Code:Realize ~白銀の奇跡~
Release Date: 21st December 2017
Developer: Otomate
Platform: PS Vita & PS4
Age Rating:  Cero B (12+)
Official Website

This is the third game in the Code: Realize series and consists of 4 parts:

  • Triangle Date – as the name suggests, the player can choose 2 of the 5 original main characters to go on a double date with Cardia.
  • After Stories for Finis & Sholmes
  • Another Story – a new story episode about a girl named Cantarella who meets Cardia unexpectedly one day.
  • If Story – this takes place after Finis’ route from the fandisc and features the First Christmas Cardia spends with one of the 5 original main characters.

Yay at least we get one relatively festive game this month! 😀 The another story seems to be completely shrouded in mystery but I guess it doesn’t matter much since many people will be buying this because they love the characters – the triangle dates sound like they should be hilarious. It’s interesting that the game is getting a dual PS4 + PSV release though – I wonder which will sell more copies? I recently bought the PS4 port of the first 2 games (because it was like 2k yen) so maybe I’ll get this one too at some point.


Un:Birthday Song ~Ai o Utau Shinigami~ another record

unbirthday song

Original Title: Un:BIRTHDAY SONG~愛を唄う死神~another record
Release Date: 21st December 2017
Developer: Honeybee
Platform: PS Vita
Age Rating:  Cero C (15+)
Official Website

This is the PS Vita port of the PC game Un:Birthday Song, featuring the following additions:

  • New story episodes for Sora
  • A romantic after story for all 4 characters
  • A special “Birthday” scenario for all 4 characters

Kanno Hotori is an average girl who attends Kaguyashi Private Accademy and lives a pretty normal life. However, one day two strangely-dressed young men appear before her claiming to be reapers, then tell her that she will die in exactly one month and at the end of that month, the reapers will take her soul. However, before she dies Hotori has one wish that she wants to make come true – to tell her crush Shizuru her feelings. How will Hotori, who knows when the end is coming, choose to spend her days and what will the reapers do? A tragic love story awaits…

Man, this game sounds really sad. I have the port of the other game (Re:birthday song) but this one sounds more interesting. The voice cast for this game is so good too (Hino Satoshi, Tachibana Shinnosuke & KENN)! I heard that Sora never got a “proper” route in the original so I wonder if he will in this version since it’s not made 100% clear on the website?


Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~


Original Title: PrincessBritania~ミューズの宝剣~
Release Date: 22nd December 2017
Developer: girls★dynamics
Platform: Windows
Age Rating:  18+
Official Website

This is the second game in girls★dynamics’ “Neo Heroic Opera” series of games. The game is set in Britannia, a country that has been at war with its neighbour Hibernia for many years. However, when the previous King abdicated, his Queen had agreed a cease-fire between the two countries in order to prolong her enthronement. The heroine Chloe is the successor of the Sheffield family – one of the 7 most esteemed aristocratic families in Britannia and is the wielder of the treasured sword “Bretwalda” who has been keeping a close eye on the cease-fire deal. However, on the day when the deal is meant to be signed, Hibernia’s group of delegates were attacked and killed on their way to Britannia. In order to avoid war once again, her beloved Queen asks Chloe to find out who was the culprit behind the attack…

While this game doesn’t exactly sound bad, it doesn’t really stand out as good either. The artwork and character designs are fine and a voiced heroine is always a good thing, especially since it sounds like she should be able to take care of herself. I’ve heard that the trial info-dumps a lot at the start so that might turn people off. I suppose it’s always nice to see different companies continuing to make games though!


My Pick for the Month:

  1. Un:Birthday Song ~Ai o Utau Shinigami~ another record

So it’s a really quiet month for me (and January looks bare too), I suppose it’s time to start saving for March! 😛

Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays!


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