[Manga] Sachi-Iro no One Room – Impressions

sachi iro no one room

Original Title: 幸色のワンルーム

Author: Hakuri (はくり)

Release Date: 22nd February 2017 (volume 1)

Genre: Shounen

So, I’ve been meaning to start doing manga impressions/reviews for a while but I normally only read trashy shoujo or BL manga which don’t really deserve reviews, haha. But since getting really into the animate bookstore app and buying a bunch of random series, I figured that I could speak about some of the more interesting books I’ve read. So without further ado, onto the series I’d like to speak about today – Sachi-Iro no One Room.

sachi iro 3


The story begins with a young girl and older mask-wearing boy sitting in his apartment watching the news. It quickly transpires that the girl (Sachi) was apparently “kidnapped” by the young man (he only ever gets called “Onii-san” so far). Sachi then proposes that the two play a game of tag with the police – if Onii-san manages to get away with her kidnapping then they’ll get married but if they get caught then they will carry out a suicide pact.

As it turns out, Onii-san had nothing to live for, fell head over heels for Sachi, became her stalker and then confessed to her out of the blue. Sachi, a girl who has been abused by her parents, teachers and classmates for her entire life and has never experienced any form of “love”, was surprised at his sudden outburst but figured that she has nothing left to lose and runs away with him.

sachi iro 2


Despite the darker than normal set-up, the thing that stands out the most in this manga is the fact that it’s actually heart-warming, with the pair growing closer and developing an almost understanding of wanting to live for the other’s sake. There’s some really cute scenes, such as the fact that Sachi asks Onii-san to pick a name for her and he picks “Sachi” as it shares the same character as/is another reading of the kanji for happiness (幸). The manga generally focuses on the daily life of the pair and features Sachi’s growing understanding of what “happiness” truly is.

Given that this is only the first volume, I feel as though Hakuri set the story up pretty nicely and gave us an insight into Sachi’s world, although I am hoping for more development for Onii-san in subsequent volume(s) as parts of his past are hinted at.

Apparently this manga started life as a pixiv comic, although roughly 40% of the content in the actual published version is newly drawn/written material which makes it worth the cost in my opinion. I also thought that the artwork was pretty decent, although there are very few (or super simple) backgrounds.

Final Thoughts

sachi iro 4

My Score: 6/10

While this manga certainly wasn’t anything ground-breaking, it was still a very enjoyable read and was a good way to pass 45 minutes. If you’re looking for a slightly darker slice of life manga then this would be a decent choice. Although judging from the preview of the next volume, it looks like the series is going to get quite dramatic.

I do own the second volume so will get around to reading it soon!

That’s it for this post, I think I’ll do a shoujo manga next time, haha.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. If anyone has manga recommendations (for any genre tbh, I’m pretty chill with most stories) then that would be great! (Pls stop me buying trash with nice artwork////)

sachi iro 1


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