[Drama CD] Corpse†Heart 4th Night Kirumi – Summary & Impressions


corpse heart 4

Label: Rejet
Release Date: 25th October 2017
Cast: Shimono Hiro (下野 紘)
Official Site

This is the 4th volume of rejet’s Corpse Heart drama CD series; this volume focuses on the “friendly” ghoul Kirumi.

Track Listing

  2. Delicious!!
  3. 復活祭の約束
  4. 襲撃
  5. 愛の言葉
  6. キャストフリートーク

The first two tracks are songs & the CD’s total runtime is 42 minutes~

chara_img03_detailOn the heroine’s first day as a student at the “Unknown School”, another 2nd year student, Kirumi, calls out to her and introduces himself as a friend of her brother, Aron. He goes on to say that he was really happy when he heard that Aron’s younger sister would be transferring into the school and says that he hopes the two of them will become great friends. He asks her if she’s free after this and the pair head off together for a tour of the school. Kirumi takes her to the great hall – a place where students gather for important events, such as the upcoming Easter Festival; a super fun event that takes place once a year. He suddenly has a great idea and asks the heroine if she’d like to spend the Easter Festival with him and says that he’ll be able to explain everything and guide her around. She agrees and he makes her promise before showing her one of the nearby gyms.

They end up walking around for a while and Kirumi shows her many of the specialised classrooms, cafeteria, etc. before asking her if she’ll manage to remember it all. He laughs and agrees that it might all be overwhelming at first but if she ever needs anything then feel free to rely on him. For his finale, he leads her to his favourite “secret” place on campus – the music room. He says that he often goes there to sing after school but tends to keep it a secret from the other students. Apparently he used to be an idol back in the day and still loves signing, even now.  He asks if she wants to hear him sing and she replies yes so he tells her that it’s a special performance for her ears only~ She turns bright red at this and he remarks how cute she looks. He tells her that it’s a bit late today so they’ll have to take a rain check but promises to take her to the music room again sometime. He reiterates that he hopes the two of them will become close friends and offers to walk her home…

It’s finally the day of the Easter Festival and Kirumi is with the heroine; he remarks that he hopes the festival starts soon and is eagerly awaiting the fireworks that signal the start of the festival. He tells her that he’s had a lot of fun hanging out with her in the weeks before the festival and is happy when she replies that she enjoyed his company too. The fireworks go off soon after and they’re both scared/surprised when the other students start running towards them. Kirumi gets angry, tells the other students not to touch the protagonist and starts fighting them off. He manages to stun them with a spell and uses that opportunity to escape with the heroine. They stop for a break and he quickly looks for a place to hide. He summons a magic circle and tells her to quickly step inside as it’s invisibility magic that will hide their presence from the other students. Once inside, he remembers that one of the other students might’ve injured her so asks if she’s okay – it turns out she’s uninjured so he’s pretty relieved.

Kirumi says that he knows the situation must be scary but reassures her that she’ll be fine so long as she stays by his side. She is obviously relieved by his kind words and tries to thank him but he says that he doesn’t expect thanks and ponders upon just what could have happened to the other students to make them act in such a strange way and complains that he just wanted to enjoy a normal festival this year. He continues on by wondering if it could possibly be related to “that” rumour – that all of the students are actually dead and that once a year they all turn into “undead” creatures. He says that he never paid much attention to the rumour before but after seeing the other students acting crazed; he starts to believe that it may be true.

The heroine is a bit shocked by this and backs away but Kirumi tries to reassure her by asking if he looks like an undead and says that he’s a normal human just like her, reminding her that unlike everyone else, he hasn’t tried to attack her. This leads him to wonder just why the students are after her and asks if she possesses the Jewel Heart. The heroine has no idea what he’s talking about (even though apparently the teachers tell them about it) so he explains that it’s a “special object” that has the power to revive the one who steals it from its owner, although Kirumi admits that he doesn’t completely understand the intricacies of it. He concludes that the Jewel Heart probably allows the students to return to being living humans so they’re trying to steal the heart from the heroine. He tells her to trust him and promises to protect her. He tells her that it would probably be best to lie low for a while until they manage to think of a way to get out of this mess and tells the heroine to come to his house with him, a place that none of the other students know the location of…

And so, they end up at Kirumi’s house where he gets the heroine some warm lemonade to drink and tells her to relax for a while – he says that it doesn’t just have to be for a short time and she can stay for as long as she likes. The heroine wonders if she’s being a bother but Kirumi tells her that she’s not and that he enjoys the company since he lives alone due to the fact that he doesn’t have parents. He tells her that he’s been alone for a long time but doesn’t feel lonely today because she’s there with him. He confesses that he’s fallen in love with her and asks that she stays by his side…

He apologises for his sudden outburst but goes on to explain that he became interested in her from the moment they’d met and found himself thinking that he’d like them to become closer and do more things together: sing for her, explore the town together, help each other with their studies… Eventually he begins dread parting from her and realises that he’s fallen in love. He explains that he wants to protect her, always keep her smiling and doesn’t want anyone to take her away from him; he says that he’d do anything for her. He then asks what she thinks of him, she replies that she feels the same way and Kirumi is super happy, then kisses her, laughing that she looks cute when she’s embarrassed. He then promises that he’ll never part with her so asks if she’d do one thing for him now – die.


The heroine pushes him away and he laughs that she’s so surprised – he goes on to explain that he’s not a human but is in fact a member of the undead like all of the other students. She complains that he tricked her but he laughs and makes light of it; saying that it was all for the sake of obtaining her Jewel Heart although admits that he hadn’t realised that she’d be unaware that she had the Jewel Heart all along.  He summarises that it was all a lie: their early meeting and friendship, the daily dates they went on after school, the times that he praised her for doing well and even his confession of love earlier. He laughs at her before saying that it would be impossible for someone like him to fall in love with a boring, stupid, clumsy and plain girl like her, especially since she was so easily led astray by his acting. He says that even though he once thought of her as kin, she’s just too stupid.

He goes on to explain that he’s her “father” – the undead chairman of the school’s board who has been using forbidden magic to give himself eternal life (with the help of Aron). He sighs before asking her if she really hasn’t cottoned onto anything yet, although he admits that they did manage to deceive her really well. He complains that he somehow feels kind of hungry and realises that she smells tasty so thinks that he’ll have a little “snack” before he kills her. He goes onto explain that he’s a ghoul – a carnivorous undead creature and tells her that those in a state of fear just happen to be the tastiest to eat. He’s delighted by her terrified reaction, licks his lips and tells her that he’s going to eat all of her. He has a nibble but is surprised by how well she’s keeping herself together and is bemused by it, saying that he wants to see her truly terrified.

She asks him to stop but he tells her no because he’s super-duper hungry since he expended energy using magic, running away, took her to his house and of course made her a drink so, in return, she should just give up and let him eat. He then asks her if she really wants to live that much and ponders for a little while before asking if she still loves him because he could let her live if she promises to keep loving him. She asks if he’s being truthful and he says he is, telling her that she’s a weak human who wouldn’t be able to survive without his protection. If she truly loves him so much that she can’t live without him then he supposes that he wouldn’t mind being undead for a while longer. He admits that he wants to be a human so he can be a famous idol again and that by waiting around his popularity might fall and he won’t be as loved.

However, if he has the heroine around to love him instead then he wouldn’t mind giving up on obtaining the Jewel Heart and not being able to eat her wouldn’t really bother him in the long run. He then asks her what she wants to do since he doesn’t really mind either way. She (obviously) chooses to live and he remarks that it’s strange that she was so scared of him earlier but is now easily admitting her undying love.  He laughs and pushes her down, telling her to prove just how much she loves him; if she doesn’t make him believe her then he’ll kill her. She showers him with affection before he eventually realises that she does mean it, praises her and decides that she can live BUT if she stops being sincere then he’ll definitely kill and eat her. He makes her promise to love only him for eternity and kisses her.

In the epilogue, Kirumi comes to visit her and asks her what she thinks of him, she replies that she loves him but he says that it’s not enough and she needs to use more adoring words, like she normally does. She eventually manages to fulfil his request and he’s super pleased that she really, truly does love him and says that she should continue to please him so that he will “reward” her with kisses before warning her not to let him feel too lonely, otherwise he’ll eat her. He laughs manically before leaving the room and locking the door behind him…


KIRUMI PLZ WHAT WAS THAT?!?! You can’t just drop the whole “I’m your father” line (which I was so shocked to hear, I re-listened to the line like 3 times just to make sure) and then literally ignore it 2 seconds later because you’re hungry!?!? I’m so confused about everything with the whole time-line/character relations of this series now because basically:

  • The character ages must mean nothing since Kirumi is one of the younger characters but he can’t be 355 if he was the one who created Qoo who is over 500 years old as Qoo doesn’t mention a change of school chairman in his CD.
  • He also can’t be the “father” of Aron, whom is over 700 years old.
  • Surely if Kirumi is the “father” of the heroine, then wouldn’t that mean that he killed Valerie’s family? If so, then how come Valerie doesn’t recognise him and take revenge?
  • Also, if he’s talking about becoming a human again quickly to regain his popularity as an idol then one can assume that he has only been an idol whilst human so surely he can’t have been a ghoul for that long (maybe like ~10 years) in order for people to remember him??

So, basically it makes no sense for Kirumi to be the true chairman of the school (it’s probably Aron isn’t it?) and the fact that they literally just glossed over it was beyond ridiculous! Although I suppose it’s also good for drawing people into the series because I want to know the truth now! I also feel as though I might be missing something obvious but I have listened to the full CD more than once…

I’m also kinda surprised at rejet – I knew that they like to think of their fans as being thirsty for older brother characters (myself included w) but a “father” character, really? That’s a tad extreme even for them lol.

The pacing in this CD is also kinda off and I personally found the first two drama tracks to be a little dull in comparison to the previous 3 CDs. That being said, the confession scene later in the CD was really well done – the dialogue itself, Shimono Hiro’s exceptional voice acting and clever use of BGM really made the scene stand out and (even though I was expecting it) really gave the betrayal impact.

As per usual, the cast commentary continues to the be most entertaining thing in this series and Shimono Hiro was really funny! I also found it interesting that he was definitely hinting at a sequel and there was some strange wording of a line in there that made me wonder if the “sequel” would be something other than a drama CD, hmmmmmm……. Or maybe he was just hinting that Kirumi might show up (as a cat perhaps?) in another character’s CD lol!

Final Thoughts

My Score: ?????/10

I have no idea what to score this CD because I simply cannot make up my mind whether or not I liked it, haha. I mean, it pretty much follows the same pattern as the other 3 but is making me so curious about the other characters that I can’t decide if it’s a genius sales ploy or simply infuriating 😛

The music was definitely pretty good, although I was super surprised at how high-pitched Shimono Hiro’s voice is at the beginning of both songs.

I feel kind of let down by Kirumi though; there was very little development and I won’t even lie that I lost it and started laughing hysterically when his reasoning for trying to kill the heroine was to be an idol, like why can’t he be an idol as a ghoul if he can easily pass as a human? I kinda feel as though we’ve gone a little step back in this department as Valerie and Qoo did have valid reasons for pursuing the heroine… Ah well, at least the epilogue didn’t seem so grossly out of character this time around so that’s a slight positive.

I can’t believe that I’m actually up to date on this series lol, I gave in and just pre-ordered the final two volumes (Ness & Aron) the other week so at least I’ll get my display box & bonus CD. I’m really curious about how the group dynamics will work out in the bonus CD!

Thanks for reading as always! 🙂


P.S. Kirumi looks so cute with those cats that I’m salty he never showed up as one in this CD >w<



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33 Responses to [Drama CD] Corpse†Heart 4th Night Kirumi – Summary & Impressions

  1. shawnelizkwan says:

    I’m equally shocked as you are! Kirumi is the heroine and Aron’s “biological father”??? How on earth is that possible??? Unless… the real chairman somehow died or got killed and Kirumi was just another vessel used in order to ressurect the former chairman. Cause remember? Kirumi was poisoned and then brought back to life as a ghoul by a necromancer (still thinking it’s Aron, cause he was using forbidden magic to give Kirumi eternal life). I’m also a bit upset that Kirumi didn’t morph into a cat T^T

    I’ve also kind of noticed that none of the characters are addressing the heroine as “Aron’s younger twin sister” and just “younger sister” although it was stated in Aron’s bio that he and the heroine are twins (or not). Hopefully more will be revealed in Aron’s drama CD…?

    And it also seems as though it’s become a trait for these corpses to lock the heroine away at the end of their drama tracks. What if either Ness or Aron killed the heroine at the end of their drama tracks instead of locking her up…?


  2. Amy says:

    I’m kinda glad that I’m not the only one confused ^_^;;;
    Yeah, I don’t think Kirumi was the original chairman but it’s strange that nothing was hinted at in Qoo’s CD, although maybe I’ll reliaten to it just to make sure…

    I’ve never really thought about the younger twin sister thing but I guess it’s probably just easier for the characters to say? Like, the heroine probably would introduce herself as his twin sister (but she doesn’t speak so I’m just guessing) but wouldn’t it be weird for other people to refer to her as his younger twin?
    It just seems a bit long-winded to say I guess?

    Yeah unfortunately the locking up seems to be a recurring theme so something different would be very welcome :p My suspicion is that by locking her up rather than killing her, they could easily make a sequel series.


    • shawnelizkwan says:

      I actually hope that a sequel series for Corpse Heart will be made. And this time it’ll hopefully be a proper drama CD instead of short tracks. I was really disappointed with Thanatos Night Re:Vival cause it sounded like a crappy and shorter version of the first series.

      There’s a Rejet Focus event happening in January 2018 next year and Corpse Heart is going to be mentioned along with Thanatos Night. Kind of hoping there’ll be more to those series. I mean the songs and the artworks are great, but a story with character developement and budding romance with the MC is what I want most.


      • Amy says:

        I’ve not listened to any of the Thanatos Night Re:Vival series but it sounds a real shame that they’d shorten the series; at least they couldn’t really manage to make Corpse Heart any shorter than it already is, haha. Yes! If they do a sequel, I hope it’s in the format of the original Thanatos Night/Seventh Heaven and have 1 song + a ~40 minute drama part since the two songs in Corpse Heart are basically different versions of the same song anyways…

        Oh! Thanks for reminding me of that event, I didn’t realise that they had a website up for it yet! ^_^
        I’m super excited to see the √Happy+Sugar series represented on the 2nd day but I doubt we’ll get anything new from that series since there’s currently CDs coming out… I wonder if they’ll make a third season of Thanatos Night, or maybe just release a “best” album with all of the songs on it like they did with Dear Vocalist?

        I definitely agree with you there, it would be pretty nice to have a sweeter continuation to the Corpse Heart series but even if the sequel is of a darker tone, it would be nice if they could put some more character development… Or maybe they’ll do the whole 2-characters-in-1-CD thing that rejet seem to be a fan of lately – that could be quite fun too! 🙂


    • shawnelizkwan says:

      What I’m currently hoping for is an actual drama CD (no short tracks with an ACTUAL story) of Thanatos Night if they were to create a third series. I mean, the songs from the first season were great, and the songs from Re:Vival were alright (I liked Nia, Liam and Duran’s songs the best from the second season).

      Toshiki Masuda who voiced Nia in Thanatos Night said that Re:Vival was supposed to be a series for first time listeners. I was also kind of disappointed with the group tokuten from the first series where all the angels were competing in a school test because there was no heroine. I hope that if they create a third series, they will include the heroine if they have another group tokuten. What if the third series is duets in Thanatos Night?

      I’m also looking forward to hearing about the Criminale! series. They’ve created another duo series called ‘Criminale! R’ and I’m hoping that the Criminale! series will continue as well!


      • Amy says:

        Ooh duets would be pretty cool! ( The Ken ga Kimi duet songs were nice~) It’s interesting that the newer series can be jumped straight into but I suppose that Re:vival must have a new heroine? If the heroine ends up dead at the end of the Thanatos night CDs then maybe that’s why there’s no heroine in the bonus cd? It’s kinda disapppointing when you buy a whole series and dislike the bonus cd though 😦

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that a bunch of rejet’s newer CDs have been on the shorter side, which is a little annoying.

        Ooh, I’ve been meaning to listen to Criminale for a while, are the CDs good? The guy voiced by Shimono Hiro seemed pretty interesting


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        Criminale! is AMAZING! The artwork is amazing and there’s a lot of action, teasing and flirting from the main guys and the heroine gets to stand in the spotlight along with the guys as well! I really like it how the artist includes the heroine in some of the Criminale! promotion artworks. If you want to listen to the series, I’d recommend you start from the first series to the recent. The series is set in Italy and Rejet sure knows how to promote Italy very well.

        The first series starts off with six mafia guys whose boss (known as the “Father”) gets assassinated by a rival organisation and before he dies, he gives his final order to the boys which is: to “protect his daughter” (a.k.a you, the heroine). However, the heroine knows nothing about her father being a mafia boss and by the time the boys manage to find her, they only have 48 hours left to make it back to their base in Rome in order for the heroine to elect the new boss (cause according to tradition in the series, only someone who is blood-related to the previous Father can elect the new leader) while handcuffed to her (some got handcuffed to her when they were captured by the enemies, and some handcuffed her to themselves once they confirmed that she was their boss’s daughter).

        The guys are:

        1) Gerardo (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa) – This guy is my favourite!!! ❤
        2) Lucia (CV: Takashi Kondo)
        3) Tempesta (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa)
        4) Chiave (CV: Kousuke Toriumi)
        5) Nero (CV: Daisuke Hirakawa)
        6) Chara (CV: Hiro Shimono) – This guy is my favourite too!!! ❤

        The second series is titled Criminale! F. Still the same guys, but two new characters are introduced. The series takes place a few months later after the election of the new "Father" (one of the guys from the first series is chosen, but I won't spoil it). The heroine is now dating whichever guy she was with in the first series and she's on holiday with the guys in Spain. Again, Rejet knows how to promote Spain as well. However, their holiday is spoiled when a rival organisation starts chasing them with intentions of killing the heroine and destroying their organisation. And they have 48 hours again to escape from their pursuers. As for the two new characters, the heroine is kidnapped by those guys and ends up escaping with them (because before her father was killed, he ran an experimental project to programme guys to protect his daughter, and those two were part of his experiment, so they are unable to kill her).

        The two new characters are:

        1) Dante (CV: Kenji Nojima) – This guys is my favourite too!!! ❤
        2) Fantasma (CV: Satoshi Hino)

        The third series is titled Criminale! X. It's with all the eight guys together (cause the two new characters officially joined the organisation the six guys are part of) and it takes place two years after the Criminale! F series. The heroine and whichever guy she's with are having a holiday in Berlin when the heroine gets arrested by Interpol (the only reason the guys can think of is she's the daughter of the previous Father). The guys insist on coming along with her and they work together break out of the Interpol prison and find their way back to Italy while on the run from the Interpol agents. Again, they have 48 hours to escape and Rejet sure knows how to promote Berlin as well.

        The fourth series is titled Criminale! DUELLO. You can obviously guess that it's a duo series where the guys are paired up with each other in order to bring down a traitor within their organisation who wants the heroine dead. And because it's a duo series, they this time have only 24 hours to protect the heroine.

        The pairing are:

        1) Gerardo & Chiave
        2) Lucia & Tempesta
        3) Dante & Fantasma
        4) Nero & Chara

        They've just released a fifth series of Criminale! which is titled Criminale! R. It's another duo series, but this time, the current "Father" gets assassinated. However, the other guys are unconvinced that their leader is dead and in pairs, they end up working with the heroine in order to find out the truth about their leader's "death".

        The pairing this time are:

        1) Chiave & Dante
        2) Lucia & Chara
        3) Tempesta & Nero
        4) Fantasma & Gerardo

        I hope you'll be able to listen to the series eventually, and when you do, I'd like to hear what you think of it! But I can assure you, the series is really good! I would think it would also work out as an otome game and maybe eventually an anime? I don't know, but we'll just have to wait and see in the future 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Amy says:

        Ooh, thank you so much for the super detailed description of the series! It definitely sounds really interesting and the fact that the heroine is a main part in the story is great 😀
        I have one question though – for the original series, do you have to listen to them in chronological order (Gerardo -> Chara) or can you listen to them in any order?

        I also didn’t realise that it had 5 series – that must be a rejet first! With the series so popular you never know, maybe they’ll announce something for it next year?


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        The heroine is always present in the group tokutens as well. Even if she’s not, she’s always mentioned by the guys. And she’s also pretty badass as well, cause she can sometimes, but rarely kick some butt (in some of the CDs from the series, she has a bit of action depending on the situation).

        To answer your question about whether to listen to the CDs in chronological order for each Criminale! series, I don’t think it’s neccessary. But I would listen to the series in order from Criminale! to Criminale! R. As in start with the first series, then move onto the next.


      • Amy says:

        Ooh that’s pretty cool, normally the heroines of drama CDs seem to do nothing and it almost seems as though the guy is performing a monologue haha.

        Ah okay, will do! I’ve seen some of the originals for pretty decent prices so will purchase them soon 🙂 Do you have any other drama CD recommendations?


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        I kind of also liked “Prince of Grimm City” (Grimm gai no Ouji-sama). I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it is based on the Brother Grimm’s Fairy Tales that everyone is familiar with since childhood. The story is set in a magical town known as “Grimm City” and a girl (a.k.a you, the heroine) somehow and just randomly arrives at this town. She has no memories of what had happened, who she is nor how she ended up in “Grimm City”. So she meets six handsome young men who offer to help her find her way out of the town which she considers to be a dream or nightmare. It’s a pretty dark series, so be warned.

        The characters are:

        1) Red Riding Hood (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa) – I find him amusing ❤
        2) Cinderella (CV: Kousuke Toriumi) – I like this guy ❤
        3) Sleepy (CV: Yuuto Uemura)
        4) Hamelin (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) – I like this guy ❤
        5) Hansel (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) – I like this guy ❤
        6) Gretel (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu) – I strangely like this guy too ❤ (?)

        For Hansel and Gretel, you need to listen to Hansel's first before Gretel in order to understand both their stories.


      • Amy says:

        Thanks for the recommendation ^_^ I think I have sleepy’s CD lying around in my cupboard but never got a chance to listen to it, haha (although he seems to be the only guy you dislike :c ). I don’t mind darker series every once in a while and Hansel and Gretel look pretty interesting!

        In Corpse Heart news, have you had a chance to listen to Aron’s voice sample? I’m kinda sad that the songs aren’t up yet but omg that voice sample was soooo cute! I’m going to be sad when he betrays the heroine (;ω;)


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        I heard Aron’s voice samples today as well! He sounds like a nice brother so far, but I know he’ll eventually betray the heroine by pulling out “we’re actually not siblings” card and “everything I said until now is a lie” card. What did Aron say in his voice sample though?

        The “everything I said until now is a lie” card seems to have become a trait in Corpse Heart (with the exception of Rizzi and maybe Ness?). How many times is the heroine going to get deceived???


      • Amy says:

        A quick summary of Aron’s voice sample:
        Aron appears to be encouraging the heroine with her cooking and magic, mentions the fact that they’re twins so if he can do it then so should she. Promises to teach her so they can surprise their parents when they get back.

        He then mentions that they haven’t seen their parents in a while because they’re busy with prep for the Easter Festival. Asks her if she’s lonely since it’s been just the two of them in the house for quite a while now. She tells him that she’s fine and he agrees that he’s happy as long as she’s with him ❤️

        He’s too precious! I find it quite interesting that he brings up their parents (as in plural?) though hmmmmmmm.

        Rizzi is kind of unique so far since he only knew the heroine for like 2 days (as opposed to the other 3 who have been deceiving her for weeks/months) so the deception wouldn’t be quite so shocking/hurtful? Judging from Ness’ CD sample, he seems to be pretty open about the situation so that should be refreshing~~~


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        Thank you for explaining Aron’s voice sample! It makes me more interested in Aron now. I don’t even want to believe that Aron would eventually betray his twin sister (who probably isn’t actually his twin sister at all!). But I did find it sweet that he said “we’re twins, so if I can do it, you can do it too”. That fact isn’t always true though, cause I’m a twin, and there are things that I can do, but my twin sister cannot do.

        I do wonder about the heroine’s “childhood memories” Ku mentioned in his drama. The mentioning of Aron as the drama series progresses just makes things more interesting (I am still shocked and confused that Kirumi is actually the heroine and Aron’s “father”. If they have a second series and a proper drama series of Corpse Heart, I’d like that fact to be explained more clearer).

        Btw, I saw on the Rejet Focus 2018 event (http://rejetweb.jp/event/rejetfes2018/) that there’s going to be live performances(?) and Aron’s seiyuu will be performing live and representing Corpse Heart, while in Thanatos Night, Toshiyuki Toyonaga who voices Duran will be performing live.


      • Amy says:

        Yes, his sample is adorable and I really want to believe in him but if he’s 700++ years old then there’s no way they’re actually twins. Yeah, I think that line was more for encouragement rather than fact but it’s still cute, although the way he says it makes him come across as slightly prideful?

        I also keep thinking back to Qoo’s CD and am wondering just how long her memories have been tampered with? I mean, if she actually remembers her “parents” then how come she doesn’t recognise Kirumi? His CD has just completely dumbfounded me haha. A sequel is definitely in order!

        Ah, I never noticed the Live bit last time I checked the site (lol), I think that they’ve done concerts at their announcements before, especially as rejet seem to be moving more into music-based series (Pitapro, Starevo, Thanatos Night, Corpse Heart, Dearvo, Dandevi & even KgK got a new chara song series announced the other day). The line up looks soooo good (I wish I could go to one of these events ;-;) but poor Tosshi is going to be exhausted since he seems to be in a huge amount of lives 😮


  3. shawnelizkwan says:

    Will you be receiving Ness’s CD this November? I can’t believe that we’re already done with this series! I’m kind of interested in Ness since he seemingly told the heroine that everyone apart from her is part of the “undead”. If I’m not correct, what did he say in his voice sample exactly? I wonder how he’ll “win” her over…

    If he did told the heroine about the “undead” prior to first meeting her, wouldn’t it make the heroine cautious of everyone? I wonder if he’ll also tell her that she has the “Jewel Heart” instead of waiting until the Easter Festival to tell her. Also, I wonder why her brother doesn’t bother to save her…

    I also kind of noticed that Ness and Valerie’s character design is quite similar. They both have long white hair (Valerie’s hair is parted to the right, while Ness’s is parted to the left), but their eye colours are different (Valerie has yellow eyes, while Ness’s are purple). And I mean no offence to Valerie, but Ness wins the most handsomeness competition >w<


    • Amy says:

      I’ll actually be a little late in getting Ness’ CD since I added volume 5 of Otodoke Kareshi into the order without realising it releases a week later (29th November), whoops~ I could’ve sworn earlier volumes had the same release date? I’m hoping that by time I ship it and everything to get it by the 11th of December so long as shipping hasn’t become too slow due to Christmas ordering (:

      I think the interesting thing about Ness is that based on his voice sample he really sounds like he has no interest in the heroine, calling her weird, telling her to leave him alone and saying that any normal person would’ve run away as soon as he told her everyone was undead. Maybe he’s just a kuudere haha?

      Yeah I noticed that too and wondered maybe if they were related or something (long lost brother?). There seems to be a lot of light haired characters in this series though. Aww poor Valerie, he’s meant to be “scary” (I kinda want to see under his mask), although I actually prefer his design to Ness’ w. The little ribbon in his hair is too cute! ^_^ Qoo probably has my favourite character design though, do you have a favourite from the 6?


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        I think I liked Rizzi so far despite his confusing story (prolly because of Ryohei and his character design), but song-wise, I think Ku’s my favourite so far (Valerie’s normal song wasn’t so bad either). Right now, I’m interested in Ness and Aron. I hope they individually pull something out of the bag rather than following the “locking up the heroine” ending.

        I am now looking forward to hearing about Ness, cause he seems disinterested in the heroine and maybe the “Easter Festival”? I especially like the sound of his songs as well.

        About the songs, is the musical version supposed to give an outline of the story? Cause I only heard Valerie’s songs and the musical version pretty much outlined what you wrote when you reviewed Valerie’s drama.


      • Amy says:

        Yeah, Rizzi’s CD was probably the most “different” of the first four. I’ve noticed that a other rejet CDs, such as Midnight Kyonshi/Jiangshi tend to have similar endings to the CDs so I’m also hoping that Corpse Heart doesn’t follow this trend c:

        Yes! The musical versions of each song have a lot of spoken lines taken from the drama part of the CD that basically sum up the story in 3 minutes haha. Some of them (Qoo in particular) do a really great job of charting the “betrayal” part of the CD. Because of this, it’s definitely better to listen to the drama part of the CD before listening to the songs to avoid spoilers…
        The “Undead” versions of the songs have some dialogue too but aren’t *quite* as spoilery & the amount of dialogue is more in line with rejet’s usual style~


  4. shawnelizkwan says:

    I’ve re-read your review on Ku’s drama and I am positively sure now that Kirumi probaby was just another vessel to ressurect the current chairman of Unknown School. I mean, Ku was created using a body of a murdered corpse and an organ from another dead corpse, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirumi’s corpse was used as another vessel for the chairman. So it kind of makes sense that Aron really is responsible for reviving the corpses.

    This is just a theory, but if Aron was helping his father by using black magic to give him eternal life, wouldn’t the chairman’s body gradually become weaker to the point where he won’t be able to use it anymore? So in order to continue living, he needed a new vessel in order for himself to keep living. So that’s when Kirumi somehow got poisoned and they decided to use his body as the chairman’s “new vessel”.

    I’m really looking forward to Aron and I also can’t wait to see your review on Ness’s CD. Btw, have you been listening to any other CDs from Rejet? I’m really looking forward to the announcements in the Rejet Focus 2018 event. I hope they continue the series of Thanatos Night and Criminale!


    • Amy says:

      Yeah I suppose that makes sense, Aron definitely seems to be the one behind a lot of the series’ mysteries, it’ll be interesting to see if Aron is actually the son of the school chairman. I think it’s just the age listings of the characters that are putting me off, haha, since Kirumi is meant to be one of the younger characters in the series and even if he has changed bodies in the past, the way he talks about his career as an idol makes it sound as though he hasn’t been undead for very long? Also, if Qoo was created by the chairman, wouldn’t he have to be a pretty powerful mage/necromancer so shouldn’t really need Aron’s help? The fact that we’ve got to wait until December (more likely January by time it arrives) to find out anything is driving me insane! And the lack of song samples for Aron makes me sad 😦

      Following your recommendations, I bought Criminale! vol.1 (Gerardo?) and a couple of Thanatos Night CDs (Nia & Liam) the other day so I’m hoping that I like them! 😀 The only other rejet series that I’ve been buying this time around are the new Happy+Sugar=Sand & Pythagoras Productions releases. I’m really looking forward to the event too! 🙂 (It’s not that far away either, yay!) Hopefully they announce some new titles and/or games as well as sequels~
      Things that I’d love to see:
      * Corpse Heart sequel
      * More dance with devils CDs
      * Info/release date for Dorico no Toshokan
      * PSV/PS4 port of Gekka Ryouran Romance
      I pray that they give us a short rest with the Pythagoras Productions series though – 10 full price CDs in 4 months is quite a lot, although I have this feeling of dread that they’ll make a mobage spin off…


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        Yup! The first volume of the first Criminale! series is Gerardo. And be warned of Nia!!! You will be shaken by him! I’m also starting to become a bit crazy waiting for Aron’s song samples to come up. There’s so much I want to know about him.

        Btw, Rejet Event on Twitter just posted something about the Rejet Focus 2018 event: https://twitter.com/Rejet_event/status/934332094435618817


      • Amy says:

        The twitter post is just about the fact that there were errors with the reservation system for the latest round of tickets to the event so pre-orders are currently suspended until noon on the 28th, no new details about the event itself unfortunately. I’m looking forward to the new goods for the event, they should be announced in the next couple of weeks, I wonder what the theme will be this time?

        I was kinda nervous about buying Nia’s CD after your description of it but figured the song alone made it worth the purchase! Have you had a chance to listen to Thanatos Night Re:Vival? It’s kinda strange that there’s no song sample yet when the new MG#4 & Dearvo song samples have been up for a while now?


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        I’ve listened to all the Re:Vival volumes


    • shawnelizkwan says:

      I didn’t really like how short Thanatos Night Re:Vival was, but I think the songs were the centerpiece of the second season rather than the drama parts. Nia’s seiyuu, Massun said that the Re:Vival series was supposed to be aimed at first time listeners. Oliver, Liam and Duran’s Re:Vival dramas are the only ones I’ve liked so far.

      I’m really hoping now that they come up with a drama CD just like the first season. The songs were smashing though. Nia, Liam and Duran’s songs were my favourite in the second season ((2) Heart Resize by Nia, Crazy Voice by Liam and SAYONARA by Duran (the song was really upbeat, but it had a strong sense of melancholy)).

      I liked everyone’s songs in the first season (especially iN Your Eyes by Izaya, スノードロップ (Snowdrop) by Liam (you’re going to love Yuuto Suzuki’s voice for this song) and Blues by Duran (Toshiyuki Toyonaga really nailed this song! It has really strong feels)).

      Hopefully Aron’s song samples will be up by next week…


      • Amy says:

        Hmm, it’s kinda strange that they never created the sequel with the original fans in mind, is Re:Vival closer in length to Corpse Heart? (Like 30 mins max for the drama part). I suppose at least you liked half of them?

        Oooh, I can’t wait for Liam’s first volume to arrive now ( Suzuki Yuuto’s voice is always so precious 🙂 ), I was tempted by Duran’s CD but it was the most expensive so I’ll wait to see if Skit Dolce has a sale in January (I think they normally do?). Yay for being a cheapskate, haha.


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        Yeah, Re:Vival is just as short as Corpse Heart. And it just happened that Oliver, Liam and Duran stood out to me in season 2 of Thanatos Night. My favourite in the first series was Duran (if you do get his CD, you’re going to love him!).

        If you do like the series I kind of recommended, will you be reviewing them?


      • Amy says:

        I’ll definitely keep an eye out for Duran’s CD, if it doesn’t go on sale then I’ll probably just add it onto another order.

        Yeah I try to review most of my Drama CDs, since they’re older I won’t do summaries (since I assume someone else probably has) but I’ll do a post on them at some point 🙂


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        Aron’s song samples are finally up!


      • Amy says:

        Thanks for letting me know! 😀
        Omg, I wasn’t expecting the undead song to be electronic? The rest of the songs have been more pop/rock in sound. I really like the songs though ^_^
        What are your thoughts?


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        I don’t see much difference with Aron’s songs (musical version and undead version) cause they both sound similar. But unlike the other songs in the series, it is more subtle and and you said, electronic. Now I’m really looking forward to Aron! I hope he reveals everything about the heroine and why she has the “Jewel Heart”


      • Amy says:

        After listening to them a few times, you’re definitely right; the two songs tend to be pretty similar but not as closely matched as Aron’s. It’s quite funny because the “musical” song sounds more like the style used in everyone else’s “undead” song, lol.

        Yes! I’m also hoping that his CD is good, I just wonder if they’ll have time to cover everything with the drama portion of the CD being so short :/ I also hope that the bonus CD is funny, I’m looking forward to seeing the character interactions between everyone! c:


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