[Unboxing] Taishou x Alice Heads&Tails – Animate Limited Set



I’ve been looking forward to this game from the moment it was announced so I’m glad to finally receive my copy of (hopefully) one of the best games this year!


Another view of the Animate Set – there were a few bits and pieces. No exciting bonuses from Animate this time though 😦

First up: badges & bonus drama CD. The badges use the same illustration as the clear file + poster but are still super cute! The drama CD is meant to contain three separate “what if” type  scenarios. I can’t wait to listen to Akazukin’s White Day themed track!

Next up is the clear file and B2 sized fabric poster, both use the same illustration and are beautiful! The only thing I hate about fabric posters is that they are semi-transparent and the wallpaper in my room has quite a bright pattern which tends to show through *sad face* but maybe I’ll get this framed… You can never own too many items illustrated by Melo ^_^

Finally, the special booklet containing a collection of commemorative short stories and illustrations used to celebrate the character’s birthdays in 2014-2016. I was super interested in this book because I just adore how Fujimoto manages to write really entertaining short stories using only dialogue and still manages to maintain really good characterisation! The illustrations are also super cute!

One really interesting thing is that all of the stories are made up of “sections” and each story has multiple choices that directs you to different sections. This was the first time I’ve seen this in a short story book and was reminiscent of those “choose your adventure” type novels. The book is also over 100 pages long which makes it quite substantial for a bonus item!

And now onto the game box: I haven’t bought a PC game in a LONG time so I was a bit shocked by how small the box was (it’s not much bigger than a CD). That being said, the covers are really cute.

Interestingly enough, this game comes with a download code so that you can play the game even if you don’t have a DVD drive. You do need a Japanese DL Site account to redeem said code though. This was very generous on Primula’s part although I’ll probably just use the DVD to install my copy.

The back of the game case is so cute! I love their school outfits so much (those little hats are too cute!).

So that’s everything unboxed and ready to go now – I hope to try and get through a fair bit of this game over the next week but I’m not sure what I even which route I would like to play first (this is always like the hardest thing about Otome Games).

Thanks for reading!



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1 Response to [Unboxing] Taishou x Alice Heads&Tails – Animate Limited Set

  1. Chip says:

    Oh wolf wolf wolf, short story <3.

    I played Ryoushi and still playing Wolf's route but I quite dissapointed about his route but Ryoushi is ok.
    The after story of Akazukin and Cinderella is really funny, I definitely totally absolutely love them.


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