[Unboxing] March 2017 Games

So it was the start of April, which means that it was time for me to receive some of my end of March orders. I was really looking forward to these so figured I’d do a little unboxing. Be warned, this post is very image heavy and will probably feature my endless fangirling~

KLAP~Kind Love and Punish~ Fun Party – Stellaworth Set

 So after the taiali FD was delayed until April, I figured that I deserved this, haha.

Here’s the LE box covers, not very much exciting here except that Touma looks a bit dodgy on the cover?

The actual game box + the 2 drama CDs it comes with (both CDs are in the same box). I’m kind of disappointed with the lack of bonus booklet but as long as the drama CDs are funny then I’ll forgive them.


The Stella bonuses, there was a clear file too but I never noticed it until later, whoops! That illustration is 10/10! The badges are sooooo adorable too! I haven’t actually opened them yet as I recently (like yesterday) ordered a folder to store some of my badge collection in so I don’t want to lose them before it arrives;;;;;;


An unpacking of the other stella items. If you like Camil then you’re in luck as he’s featured in both CDs 😀 I haven’t had a chance to read the short stories yet but I was ever so slightly disappointed to find that there’s stories for all of the characters, rather than focusing on Camil & Sousuke. Index of the book:


OMG the title of Camil’s story is pretty funny – it’s so like him?

Side Kicks! Imagine Poster Pack


I forgot to take a group picture with the aforementioned poster. This was my first time ordering from Imagine and I was surprised to find a little bonus gift!


The bonus was a hard shell PS Vita case. I thiiiiiink it might be from Kancolle? It was quite a nice surprise as I only have a soft case for my vita so I guess I could use this when I travel? It was free so no complaints!

The game’s cover is so pretty and I like that they put effort into making the heroine look adorable too! I’m also SO happy because this box opens at the side *sob*

The game’s LE bonuses. The title of the drama CD – “Episode Zero” – makes it sound really intriguing! I also love the design of the book! It makes me feel as though I’m really reading through some police file.


Rico really looks like Akane from Killer Kings (B-Project) with his hair up!

As for content, the book features character profiles (which have quite a few CG so I won’t post them), rough sketches (YASSSSSS) and staff commentary. I tried not to read to much in order to avoid spoilers so basically just skipped to Rico’s pages! ^_^b


This poster’s illustration is GORGEOUS – Rico is so cute >w<. This poster is absolutely ridiculously huge though! It is like 2m long! Given that Rico is quite short I’m going to guess that this is probably “life size”. I don’t think I’m brave enough to hang him up on my wall (just yet!), especially since he needs a good iron before displaying lol. But I’m still happy that I bought this~

Other Stuff

I basically had 2 other parcels arrive with the above two so thought I’d just unbox these too~

Yay! volumes 4+5 of the Marginal#4 anime music CDs. I thought I’d shipped these to myself earlier but w/e. Say what you want about the actual anime but the music was really good. I got the Lagrange Point & Unicorn Jr illustration cards which was alright I guess. I was quite salty that I never got L’s though :/


Animate must have been running a Marginal#4 promotion at some point because I got the “A” team bromides. Unfortunately Atom & Alto aren’t my favourite characters from the series but the illustrations are still cute! Atom’s line was funny and Alto’s line is weird?? I know he has a really dry sense of humour anyway but I think I must be misreading it, haha, reading “handwriting” can be a pain sometimes!

Also got Chara-Bi with this order. Not much exciting except for the fact that I was reminded that I have DamexPrince installed on my phone but haven’t played it. Maybe I’ll get around to playing it /eventually/.

I also randomly picked up a copy of Walpurgis no Uta on yahoo auctions for like 2k yen. I’ve been meaning to play this game for a while (especially after finding out that the writer of this game, Tom, also wrote most of A3!) but I was really nervous because the auction had no pictures + I was CONVINCED that I would only be getting the actual game cartridge as the auction stated “ゲームソフト本体のみ” (main part of the game software only) and this really confused me for a while, especially if the game is cartridge only they normally say something like “ソフトのみ” (Software Only). As it turns out, it meant that I’d only be getting the game with no bonuses (which is pretty standard to be honest). BUT it all turned out okay in the end so I’m super relieved!


So that’s the end of my unboxings for this month. I actually really enjoyed taking pictures of things so I might continue doing this and then post compilations at the end of each month, hmmm….

Overall I was pretty happy with my small haul. This was my first time ordering from Imagine and it was pretty straight forward! If you can order from animate/stellaworth/ect then you shouldn’t have a problem here. I had originally planned to buy the Side Kicks Animate Set too but ended up spending the money I’d set aside for it on Idol/”Actors” apps & CDs (I’m not even surprised at myself any more) but I plan to just buy Rico’s bromide + key chain separately so it’s not a big deal. I also forgot to mention that Side Kick’s LE box is basically the same size/shape as an Otomate LE, as you can see from it sitting on my shelf:

I really need to re-organise my shelves but I’m too lazy (-__-)zzzzz

This was only my second time ordering a Stellaworth Set, the first being Sweet Clown, and it was pretty nice. I think Animate’s short story books are maybe better as they generally tend focus on the characters on the cover. To be fair, it was probably my own fault for not reading the item description properly – I was lured in by the fact my best boys were both on the cover! I plan to buy at least one more stella set soon though (MG#4 Road to Galaxy) although I will adjust my expectations for the book slightly.

I’m not really sure when I’ll get around to playing these games as I had hoped to finish MG#4 like last week and then play period cube before the English version comes out so maybe I’ll get to them at the start of May? I’m pretty addicted to mobile app A3! at the moment (I plan to make a post about it once I finish reading the main story – I’m almost halfway through the Winter troupe). And there’s going to be an event for the summer troupe soon so there goes all of my free time! I’m just happy that Misumi’s new card is in the gatcha rather than a ranking reward, although I haven’t actually managed to get the darn thing yet! I did manage to get Kazunari’s SSR in a single pull though (is this revenge for the amount I spent on the last event gatcha and never even got 1 copy of either Sakuya or Itaru :/).


He’s so precious though!

So that’s me until next month. I should hopefully be back at the start of May with a round up of April’s orders (Including Taiali hopefully!!!).

I also hope to start posting more things again…eventually….


In the meantime, have a super cute Rico!




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3 Responses to [Unboxing] March 2017 Games

  1. WHOOOO all those LEs! I should do get more but the money is soooo much. *sobs*
    I wonder if Side Kicks is good? I’m worried it’s all hype and nothing else.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amy says:

      Ah the eternal struggle of a fan girl! There’s always so many new games/CDs/merch coming out every month that it’s impossible to buy everything 😦
      Yeah if I preorder anything then I tend to just buy the LE as it’s not *that* much more expensive than the regular version and at least he boxes are pretty to look at! (At least this is what I tell myself haha)

      There’s been a lot of good reviews for Side Kicks but many people have said that the game maybe lacks romantics development in favour of a more interesting story or something? Normally I’d be wary of hype but this game had so little mention before release that I think maybe it is deserved? Have you already bought the game?

      Liked by 1 person

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