Yotogi HoLic vol5 Mitsuru – Impressions


Company: Rejet

Release Date: 25th August 2016

Voice Actor: Hanae Natsuki( 花江 夏樹 )

Official Site

This is the fifth installment in the “Yotogi HoLiC” drama CD series, this time featuring the 4th brother Mitsuru. Can this series redeem itself after Arata’s snooze-fest?

Track Listing

  1. キミからのキスを
  2. 相棒はうさたん
  3. 雨に降られて
  4. 海で近づく距離
  5. ぽかぽかあったかい気持ち
  6. 満月が照らすキミ
  7. キャストフリートーク

The CD’s total length is 53 minutes, with the cast free talk being 6 minutes long.


As per usual, the CD starts off with Mitsuru and the protagonist enjoying a lazy day in bed. After a load of fluff, the CD jumps back to the start of the story when the portagonist enlists the help of the Yotogi-kei to help them sleep better at night. Apparently they are assigned to Mitsuru so someone (I’m assuming one of the other brothers?) drops them off in his room. Mitsuru is still asleep and ends up mistaking the protagonist for his plushie and ends up pulling them into his bed by mistake. He eventually realises his mistake but doesn’t seem fazed by a stranger lying in his bed and is more upset about his missing plushie and calms down once he finds it. He then invites the protagonist to lie down and get some shut-eye. And here begins their peaceful days together.

Mitsuru is one of the middle brothers and tends to keep to himself and stay in his room most of the time. He has no human friends and relies on his trusty plushie called “Usa-tan” for company. He is also forever tired and naps most of the time. He enjoys eating sweets that Izayoi makes him and drinking hot milk.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Mitsuru is soooooo cute! He’s so pure and sweet! He’s perfection! mitsuru-2

*cough* Whoops, sorry about that ^_^;;; Mitsuru is truly a lonely character who is just searching for a companion. Despite the fact that his brothers do care about him they lead their own lives and Mitsuru doesn’t help by being a shut-in. It was really heartbreaking that he genuinely didn’t understand what his feelings of loneliness were until meeting the protagonist and I feel that he actually developed quite nicely throughout the course of the CD. Just a quick warning, he becomes SUPER clingy as the CD goes on. I actually like clingy characters but if they’re not your thing then you probably won’t like Mitsuru. Move over Akatsuki, Mitsuru is clearly the true angel of this series! His confession scene was the most adorable thing and I was literally in tears from how cute he was (sad but true). This CD doesn’t really feature the “helping you sleep” part of the Yotogi-kei probably because Mitsuru always falls asleep first and is terrible at his job, haha (this also becomes kind of endearing though!).

I might be pretty biased because Hanae Natsuki is like my favourite voice actor but he was amazing in this CD. The first track is legitimately perfection and he does a brilliant job throughout the whole CD. The cast commentary had me in stitches at the end when he was asked to give the listeners a tip for getting to sleep and replied with “Instead of counting sheep at night, just count usa-tan instead!” and then proceeded to count up to 10 usa-tan using various comedic voices. It was hilarious!

Final Thoughts


My Score: 10/10

Thank you rejet! Any CD that makes me cry because its so cute deserves a 10 in my book! Mitsuru is too sweet and I really love stories about characters coming out of their shell so this CD’s story really suited my personal tastes. There are plenty of cute and fluffy moments too! The animate bonus CD is also as adorable as expected.

I’d really recommend this CD to people who like romance CDs, angelic characters, clingy characters and fans of Hanae Natsuki (he’s really very good in this CD).

*casually goes to add Mitsuru onto the best boys sidebar*

I’m actually looking forward to the last CD now!


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