[Translation] Taishou x Alice Animate Set – Akazukin Short Story



This Short Story is featured in the Animate Limited Edtion Set of the “Taishou x Alice all in one” PS Vita game. The booklet contains a total of two stories: one for Akazukin and one for Gretel. The theme of the stories are “weddings”.

This is my first time ever fully translating something properly and uploading it anywhere so please forgive me. I really enjoyed the stories in this book and since it’s pretty hard to get a hold of the set now I figured that I’d upload them. This is more of a liberal translation but I worked hard to get the personalities of Arisu and Akazukin across. I made the decision not to translate Akazukin’s name into some form of “red ridding hood” because it sounded terrible when written down. This story doesn’t contain any spoilers for the main game aside from Akazukin’s personality lol.

The unique thing about the two short stories is that they are told almost entirely in the form of conversations between the two characters so I have used normal text for Arisu Yurika & red text for Akazukin.

Chapter 1: A Misunderstanding

Let’s get married!


Oh, didn’t you hear me? Let’s get married Akazukin!”


We’re not talking about birds Akazukin. I said “Married”.


That’s a language isn’t it? I told you that I said “Married”.


I think you’re the only merry one here. For the last time, I said “Married”!

…I got it! You said mercenary, right!! Wait, are you okay? You are not in any trouble are you?

I meant “Wedding! Marriage! Bridal! White Dress! Chapel! Vows!“ – That type of thing!

I-I completely understand now! I really do! You said “Marriage”. So please stop walking towards me with such a menacing glare!

For goodness sake, I was being super brave just to say it to you and you’re only making fun of me.

I am terribly sorry. It is a word that I do not hear very often so I misheard you. Aside from that, what did you want to say about “marriage” anyway?

As I said at the start, I was talking about our wedding.



And there it is! The real Akazukin has finally appeared!

M-marriage comes with a great amount of responsibility for the two of us to take on! But, I still do not understand what is going on….

Well, my Father informed me that one of his friends is searching for a bride and groom to participate in a photograph shoot for a magazine and that he thought that it might be a good idea for the two of us to volunteer…

What did you say to him? Did you answer?

Well I’m up for it but I wanted to ask you first. So will you do it? Or would you rather not?

You want my answer?! Right now?! And you thought that I would have agreed straight away? Did you fail to consider that there would be a problem with forcing me to go along with something like this?

If you really don’t want to participate in the shoot then it would be a REAL SHAME but I would respect your feelings and give up completely.


(I get the feeling that if I refuse here, an opportunity as good as this will never arise again!!)

Okay! I’ll do it! Let’s get married!

Yay! I’m so excited for the shoot now!


Chapter 2: The day of the Wedding, but the tuxedo is…


Fufu. Try not to look so tense over there Akazukin. It’s not like it’s our real Wedding Day so try to relax a bit and enjoy it more.


Just think of it as playing dress-up and you’ll be fine. Hey, just act as you always do~

How I always act?

You know, when you’re doing your whole “serious policeman” thing. If you aim for that then I’m sure that you’ll be able to channel your inner groom.

I am actually a real policeman. Please refrain from making a joke out of my profession.

Oh, okay then….(I can totally feel a darkness radiating from Akazukin)

Ah, that’s right! Make sure that you keep your nosebleeds under control today. The tuxedo you’ll be wearing is a rental and pure white so if blood gets onto it we’ll get into lots of trouble!

I will make a note of that.

Wonderful! Shall we get this show on the road then? Let’s go and get dressed~

~1 hour later~

Well, the big reveal is here! It was totally worth the wait Akazukin Wait, he’s STILL not here?

Sorry for being so late.

Ah, you’re here Akazukin….Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????

What is the matter?

W-wa-wait a minute here! Is that a Hood? Your Hood? You’re wearing your hood AND your tuxedo?

Umm? Is there something wrong with my hood?

What on earth are you doing wearing your hood ON TOP of your tuxedo? Like I totally get that your red hood is part of your “identity” or whatever but do you REALLY need to wear it over your tuxedo??? What is everyone else going to say?

Surely they’re not going to say anything?

It must be so nice to live in your own little world, Akazukin.

I think that it is just you being strange. One would say that a red hood can be considered to be VERY formal and elegant.

? (Hey there Akazukin, why are you talking like a rich young lady all of a sudden? Plus, you’re making it sound like I’M the one with no common sense!)

I-is that right? I didn’t realise that…(Yep, I’m definitely feeling that dark aura again)


And now, the proposal…

Well, no matter what you’re wearing, you still look very cool and handsome!

Thank you kindly but compared to me, you look even…. (whoa)

What’s the matter??


Why are you hiding your face behind your hands all of a sudden?

I can’t look! Nope, no looking! I refuse to peak!

What’s the matter with you now?!

It’s your appearance. If I look at you right now then I’ll definitely get a nosebleed!

Oh so THAT’S why you’ve been avoiding making eye contact with me since you arrived…

Affirmative! I have finally gotten used to your usual charm but I know that seeing you in your wedding dress would tip me over the edge and I’d definitely have another nosebleed and end up fainting!



Don’t you always have nosebleeds though?

That’s Correct!

So you’re going to try and complete the photo shoot without opening your eyes?

That’s Correct!

W-well if that is not acceptable then I can just avoid looking at you directly during the shoot. How does that sound?!

How are we going to manage to look deeply into each other’s eyes when the camera man asks us to then? It is a wedding photo shoot after all…

Umm…Well I will…

This has gone on for far too long! Stop being so foolish Akazukin and look at me! I want you to look at me right now! Or do you not want to see me looking as beautiful as this?

You can be so shameless! But, I really do want to look!

……. *Akazukin opens his eyes*

You look even more beautiful than I could have imagined!!

Oh is that right? This dress was made by a really famous designer!

That is not it! Okay, I will admit that the dress is amazing but it is nothing compared to your beauty!!


Oh my, your chest is…..!

You’re such a pervert Akazukin.

I-I was not thinking of anything perverted! I was looking somewhere else completely!

Oh, is that right?

T-that is completely true! You look…truly beautiful. Even the most splendid flower would be completely overshadowed by you.

Fufu. Thank you for the compliment!

Speaking of flowers, I have something that I want to give to you!

This is…

It is a flower crown. I prepared it especially for today. I know that today isn’t our real wedding day so I thought that this would be a suitable replacement for now…

In all honesty, I wanted to get you something better than this so I sincerely apologise.

Whatever is the matter? Oh! Do you actually dislike it!? I know that I always go on about flowers, sorry! You can return it if you do not want to wear it!

No! I’m seriously happy right now but I’m just super surprised…Really surprised…

Miss Arisu…

I made this flower crown especially for you to wear today. Will this be sufficient until I get your real ring?

Yes, of course!


An Unusual Occurrence…

You look stunning!! Ah, umm, excuse me…

Fufu, thank you Akazukin.


By the way, did anyone else happen to see you while you were getting ready for the photo shoot?

I’d guess so?

Erm, Akazukin? Are you still there?

To be completely honest, the thought of that doesn’t make me very happy. Listen! The only person who sees you looking this adorable should be me…Please let me be the only one to see you like this! Wait! That’s not what I meant! Let me be the first one to see you like this! No! That’s not the right wording…

Haha. Even if you can’t word it properly, I’ll give you my first time Akazukin

You are going to give me your first? A-ahhhh….It’s no use…I can feel it coming!!



After the shoot

Fuuu~ I thought that was never going to end.

Well done, we made it!

I think we did pretty well to be honest. We should be ready for the real thing now!

Yes we will! I will try to improve before we get to the real thing! Since we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together, I want you to be completely satisfied with *all* aspects of me so I will go and read some books to study until *that* time comes.

Y-yeah? Is that right? (I guess it’s about *that*, isn’t it?)

Like SEXY and stuff!

One misplaced letter can completely change the meaning of your sentence, you know?!!?!?!?!?

And they lived happily ever after…

So that’s the end~ I really enjoyed this story and Akazukin gave me more than a few laughs throughout the story. He’s truly best boy.

I tried very very hard for the story to come across okay, this game has such a unique writing style that it was hard to try and convey some things (the joke at the start is definitely better in JP but it’s really hard to find words that sound even remotely similar to marry/marriage/wedding). I’ll try to have Gretel’s story up at some point next week~

Thanks for reading as always~






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    Thank you for translation! I really love reading short story about Otome games ❤ and especially Taisho Alice. It's funny!
    Akazukin's the cuties boy ever!


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