Lip On My Prince vol.1 Seiya – Impressions

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Company: Rejet

Release Date: 23rd April 2014

Voice Actor: Namikawa Daisuke (浪川 大輔)

Official Site

This is the first release in the original “Lip On My Prince” drama CD series featuring the Ore-Sama prince of Akanami High School – Kitano Seiya.

Track Listing

  1. 友達の友達
  2. 遊びのルール
  3. 手をつないで
  4. そしてキスをして
  5. カーテンの向こう

Since this is an older rejet release, there’s no cast free talk and fewer tracks than normal. The total runtime of this CD is 61 minutes.

I’m just including the PV because the song is amazing.


Seiya is a student in second year at high school that meets the protagonist when they both get dragged along to a double date by their friends. It turns out that Seiya is the number one idol/prince at his high school and is even well known by students from other schools but he himself is unaware of the extent of his popularity. Seiya gets bored following the other couple around and decides to take the protagonist to a “great place” which turns out to be a restaurant that serves the best strawberry milkshakes in town. The protagonist is quite anxious and shy around him (probably due to said popularity) but Seiya is friendly and open so the pair end up having a good time. Unfortunately the pair forgot to exchange phone numbers and so Seiya wonders if he’ll ever see her again.

lomp-seiya4Luckily, their friends seem to have fallen for each other so they’re invited out on another double date to an amusement park where Seiya drags the protagonist off again (because dates are something that should be done with 2 people, not 4) to check out some of the exciting rides. The pair end up going on one of the roller coasters which just happens to take pictures of you on the ride so the couple decide to have a contest to see whom can make the most stupid face and the loser has to buy lunch for them both, Seiya is always trying his best to relax the protagonist and is always telling her not to hold back on his account so she agrees to try her best in the contest. As it turns out, the protagonist wins the competition hands down (much to her own annoyance!) and Seiya laughs all the way to the haunted house, where the protagonist is (of course) scared so he holds her hand. At the end of the date he walks the protagonist to the train station and he remembers to get her phone number this time. Seiya also tells her that he wants to get to know her better and that he likes her. After she gets home he phones her to make sure that she arrived safely and reiterates that she shouldn’t hold back with him and text/call whenever~


Unfortunately, the protagonist doesn’t contact him very much so he calls her and asks her to come to his school to meet him. She arrives early but he faffs about with his friends so she gets pissed and runs away. Of course, Seiya runs after her and apologises profusely and says that he called her out because she never texts him and he wanted to see her so they make up and are great friends again. They supposedly continue to spend a lot of time together and go on lots of exciting trips [this part is just stated by Seiya as a sort of narration].


Time passes and Seiya begins to notice that the protagonist is spending less and less time with him and never answering his texts/calls so he turns up at the gates of her school and asks her what the matter is. It turns out that the protagonist thought that Seiya just thought of her as a friend and didn’t want to waste his time. Seiya is really astounded by this revelation [he’s been making his feelings pretty clear lol] and tries to explain his feelings but the protagonist isn’t listening so he literally stands up and announces his feelings to the entire student body. The protagonist drags him away before he can finish his speech and they end up somewhere more secluded. Even though he’s literally proclaimed his love, she doesn’t believe him so he goes all “would I do this to a friend?” and kisses her. This seems to have finally gotten the message across [omg this protagonist is so hetare] and they agree to date properly now. There’s a lot of kissing after this part. The last bit of the CD is their first “proper” date as boyfriend + girlfriend and they go to one of those cute photo booths to get a commemorative picture. And they live happily ever after~

Seiya is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke, whom I mostly know from various anime (Narsus – Arslan Senki, Mizuki – Days, Oikawa – Haikyuu) and this is my first drama CD from him. He did a great job with Seiya and I will definitely keep and eye on any other drama CDs featuring his voice acting.

Final Thoughts


My Score: 10/10

Dear Lord this CD is pretty much fluffy perfection for me! I got so carried away when I was writing the post that I ended up doing an almost summary of the CD. While the setting is simple and the plot is straight-forward I really love the fact that this CD has no gimmicks – it’s just a straight up “friends to lovers” type CD. There’s plenty of fluffy and cute moments that had me smiling and blushing and I’m pretty sure my heart skipped more than a few beats. I mean okay, maybe some of the transitions weren’t *great* and newer CDs would’ve split the tracks up slightly better BUT I can wholeheartedly say that I love this CD and I think that’s what matters the most.

Seiya really surprised me, I only bought his CD because it cost me 200 yen new and he looked quite cute, I had no idea what his character was meant to be and was shocked at how sincere and sweet he is. They fact that he’s always trying to relax and encourage the protagonist is really adorable. Given the amount of 2D jerks out there, Seiya’s attitude was really refreshing and I have totally fallen for him – he’s basically the kind of guy that you would actually want to hang around with [in my opinion]. I’d honestly rank him as one of my favourite ever characters and definitely the sweetest of my faves.



This series is probably best known as the first time rejet ventured into fluffy things as they were better known for dark/sad stories before and this CD proves that rejet made the right choice to branch out and that they can still maintain their high standards in a different genre. I’d recommend this CD to everyone looking for something cute, light and fluffy to enjoy.

Since this CD was so good, I’ve just blown many yen on the rest of the original series and some of the sequels, as well as a couple of goods. Whoops~~~~~~~~ (Totally worth it though!)

Thanks for reading as always!


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