[Unboxing] Suuran Digit – Animate Limited Edition Set

imageSo since I recieved a lovely parcel in the mail recently and decided that since I promised to write about some unboxings that I’d start with this Suuran Digit set. Warning, this post will be image heavy and may or may not involve me squealing about how cute certain things are. Please click on the images to expand them.


I thought that this box was a little smaller than normal (I suppose it’s because this set doesn’t come with any large tapestries) but upon opening the box I was positively surprised to find everything snugly fit in.


Since I’m obviously such a valued customer (hahahaha) animate sent me two of their little promo cards. I like the fact that you can use the QR codes to view the items on animate’s online shop, that was a good idea. The one on the left is just thanking me for purchasing & is promoting the Tsukiuta anime (I’m just glad they’ve moved on from the Maji-kyun ones). The one on the right is from the drama/music cd series “Hoshizora Hall e Oide yo” and is basically promoting their newest release.  Omg I had seen this series around but I didn’t realise just how darn cute all the characters are! I’ll have to look into this series more now~ (and thus proving that these kind of advertisements can be pretty lucrative)

Next up is animate’s free magazine – Chara Bi, this comes out every two months or something and tbh it’s quit nice to have a little creep through, mostly to see what’s the most popular upcoming game/anime. This time the front cover features Uta no Prince Sama and the back cover features Lostorage Infected Wixoss (thanks for reminding me that I need to finish the second Wixoss anime) – both of which have anime series currently airing. Nothing else exciting here.


Now I have my bromide, which unfortunately seems to have been folded and creased slightly during transit. The image itself is quite nice so I might put it up somewhere and the crease can be fixed. More melo bromides are never a bad thing.

And here comes the good stuff: the illustrated zipped pouch. I bought this because I thought it would be good for keeping my PSVita in and I was not wrong at all. The pouch is a decent size and I can easily fit my PSV + Cleaning cloth into it and probably a game as well If I felt the need. The illustration is too cute >w<


Here’s the set of keyholders, It’s quite annoying that they never seperated the guys into even vs odd numbers (just swap 4 & 7 around) but the designs themselves are too cute! I’m so glad I bought the set for these and I’m definitely going to use most/all of them! Here they are all lined up in numerical order:




Apparently this clear file was the early reservation bonus, it’s pretty cute but I will probably never use it, aha.

Now onto the external drama cds, from left to right we have: the animate limited set drama cd, the animate pre-order bonus cd and the regular pre-order bonus cd. I really like the fact that the animate set drama cd features one of the female subcharacters because normally they get relegated to “annoying friend that everyone forgets about”.

Now onto the LE box itself: cover is lovely and I really love the small design touches such as putting the heroine on the little tab thing. Those SD characters on the inside of the box are also too cute omg.


Here’s the cover of the game case, it’s pretty suggestive, lol.

As per usual, the limited edition goods are a drama CD + a booklet. The booklet cover is super boring but I can’t get enough of those SD characters.


The booklet features an illustration gallery with the cover art, special illustrations and the like. The image on the left is TOO GOOD.


(Pls excuse my ugly fingers)

As per usual the booklet contains character profiles (of course I picked this guy to feature because he’s adorable) for all of the main + sub characters. I really appreciate that they got melo to comment on the character designs and such. Again, those darn SDs are amazingly adorable (I need keyholders of these too please otomate) and I love the fact that there are some for the sub characters too! Since this is melo we’re talking about, she always draws lots and lots and lots of extra artwork so there’s some of her twitter illustrations and such included too.


Another staple of the Otomate LE Booklets are rough versions of the CGs and Suuran Digit also features these but the other characters comment on them all which leads to some hilarity. I just had a quick skim through the booklet (to avoid spoiling anything) but this page made me giggle and I just had to share, hehe.


So that’s about all there is to the animate set this time, overall I’d say I’m glad to have bought it for the keyholders + pouch since they’re just too cute. Unboxing this has gotten me really pumped up to play the game since the characters seem pretty fun. Melo is actually my favourite artist so I’m always glad to have more things drawn by her (and I’m definitely getting the visual fanbook of this game~).

I hope you all enjoyed the post & let me know what you think about these unboxings, I know my camera skills aren’t great but I hope to improve with practice.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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