Mondai Food Monsters Menu 2 Mondai Nugget – Impressions

monmon 2 cd cover

Company: Otomate Records

Release Date: 20th April 2016

Voice Actor: Okamoto Nobuhiko ( 岡本信彦 )

Official Site

This is the second CD in the Mondai Food Monsters (Mon Mon for short) series which is part of Otomate Record’s 4th round of releases. I still can’t believe that I bought this…

Track List

  1. やだ……揚げられたくな……いっ
  2. ニンゲンの涙
  3. 魔法をかけて
  4. 紙袋をかぶってナゲットになった日
  5. カレシとカノジョとナゲット工場
  6. ナゲット狩り狩り
  7. はむはむしよ?

This CD is a grand total of 73 minutes long, which is pretty impressive to be honest. None of the tracks felt particularly long but I wonder how a CD so long can have such a lack of plot??

The main character of this CD is the aptly named Mondai Nugget, who happens to be a chicken nugget. He is described as being chuunibyou but, in my opinion, lacks the mon nugget sddelusions of grandeur that most chuuni characters possess. To be honest, he mostly suffers from moderate/severe anxiety mixed with a dark sense of humour and possible depressive tendencies (he actually describes himself as melancholy – which fits pretty well). In this respect, I felt as though the CD was pretending to sell us a specific (and unusual) type of character and then presented us with someone completely different in reality. That being said, I really empathised with Nugget and found some of his scenes to be very heart-wrenching. He basically has a massive inferiority complex because he sees himself as unpopular because he’s not a “main food” unlike his brother Mondai Burger whom everyone admires. I found this quite unreasonable because out of all of the foods in the Mondai Food series (Milkshake, Nugget, French Fries, Burger, Crepe & Pizza) you would expect either Shake or Crepe to have this complex as they are arguably less popular fast foods.

The story of this CD is similar to the first in the series, with the heroine buying her bag of chicken nuggets and heading home to eat them. It turn out that she’s had a massive argument with her friend so starts crying while she eats her nuggets and (presumably) sits in her PJs watching Netflix. Upon seeing her tears, Nugget gets a weird feeling in his chest and turns into a human! His whole story really involves the back-story as to why he’s so anxious and also him realising that the only person holding him back is himself. It’s actually a very positive story at its core and is filled with lots of funny and sweet moments. He knows very little about the Human world and keeps asking if things such as feelings “taste nice” and thought that holding hands was a kind of magic spell (so sweet!).

Okamoto Nobuhiko did a really superb job voicing Nugget, to be honest, he was the main reason that I bought the CD and I have no regrets. He uses his higher pitched voice here and it’s really adorable. He says “Hauuuu” a lot and it’s so adorable ( > ////// < )!


Final Thoughts

My Score: 7/10

 Well this was a definite improvement on the first release, although the story is still as random as ever at points (e.g. being able to travel to the Land of Mondai Food via a paper bag) but I really liked the development of Nugget’s character. I wasn’t planning on getting any of the other CDs but they keep mentioning Mondai Burger so maybe I’ll pick his CD up if I find it cheap.

Overall, I’d cautiously recommend this to those who want to listen to a more melancholy character than your usual upbeat types. Aside from that, maybe get something with either more plot or more fluff.

One last point, the heroine in this series seems to have more of a personality than many of their other series which makes me think that Otomate might adapt this into a game (pls don’t). It’ll be interesting to see if they make any more of their drama CD series into games.

monmon 2

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