Otome News Summary (3~10 October)

Hello & welcome to my first otome news summary for the last week.


Oyayubi-Hime’s website has updated, with the results from the many character polls, a collection of fan letters + illustrations and 5 videos showing some speed drawing of various illustrations from the game.

The Mysteria vita port has been given a release date of 11th February 2016. However, they seem to have changed 5 voice actors.

Photograph Journey has added another cast talk to their website, as well as a blog post promoting their twitter campaign.

Taisho x Alice Epilogue’s release date has been set for the 25th December, and the shop bonuses have been announced. That animate set is nice.

You can now watch a PV of Takashi from GOES! performing a magical spell. The rest of the characters will probably have videos up soon.

The World and Gallery sections of the CollarxMalice website have been updated.

There will be a special “Utapri Music 3” PS Vita released in Japan. It actually looks really classy.

Ayakashi Gohan~Oomori~ has been released on the 8th of October. I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive~

The game’s fandisc, Ayakashi Gohan~Okawari!~ has updated it’s product page with image samples of the shop bonuses.

Rejet has announced that the currently airing TV anime “Dance with Devils” will be getting a game adaptation, with the release date apparently being the 24th March 2016. Check out the site! Apparently the Illustration production will be handled by the anime company Brains Base, so we’ll have to see how polished it looks compared with other rejet games.

drama cd header mizuki

The story for vol 1 of the KLAP drama CD series has been added.

A cast commentary as well as the third and final voice sample for Elliot has been released for Majestical Cr[l]own.

Sample voices & cast commentary have been added for vol 4 of Katsubou method. The story & track listing has been released for vol 5.

The 2nd sample voice has been added for vol 4 of Period Cube, as well as the track listing for vol 5.

All 3 sample voices have been uploaded for the Venus Prince, Mizuki, from PsychicEmotion6. The product page has also updated with the cover and track listing for vol 5, featuring the Saturn Prince.

The 2nd and 3rd “drama part” voice samples for the first Renka Loid CD have been released. Be sure to check out Yuki Kaji’s cast commentary too!

Release dates and more information has been added for the Prince of Stride drama CD series, titled “My First Love”, which take place after the romantic ending in the game.

The cover of vol8 of the DIABOLIK LOVERS BLOODY BOUQUET CD series (Yuma) has been revealed.

Also, the cover of the first DIABOLIK LOVERS VERSUS SONG Rquiem(II) series featuring Ayato & Subaru has been revealed.  Also, take a look at the PV for the first song, titled “→REDRUM←”.

All 3 of Meimei’s voice samples, featuring biting, sucking blood and pain have been uploaded onto the Midnight Jiangshi’s website.

Lots of updates for the Dynamic Chord series this week, the three “shuffle CD series”: rabbit clan, KICKS & TAMELILY will be released on 25th December and the track listing has been updated for each CD. The lyrics to the song “real sensation” from the apple-polisher documentary CD have been uploaded to the website too.

The voice sample & character commentary for vol 4 of the Nakashou, Koi no Yu Eigyou-chuu drama CD series has been released. The voice sample will only be available until the 20th of November.

That’s about it for this week, if you think this post could be improved or anything, please leave a comment below~

Dengeki Girl’s Style comes out later so there’ll probably be a lot of news next week.

Thank you for reading!


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