Makura no Danshi – Merry Drama CD – Impressions

This is a combination of maxi single + drama CD from the “Makura no Danshi” (Pillow Boys) TV anime.

The drama CD part contains 4 tracks (Good Morning, House-Sitting, Before Bedtime & Bonus) and lasts roughly 30 minutes, which isn’t bad value for money considering this CD was usual maxi single price and less than a normal drama cd. The downside to this is that the tracks are not recorded using a dummy head mic, which was fairly detrimental to my listening experience.

For those of you unfamiliar with the anime, Merry is a boy who lives with you and enjoys sleeping with you at night. He’s basically a hikikomori (shut in) who gets scared when someone knocks on the door. He’s pretty adorable though & Hanae Natsuki does a wonderful job voicing him. His voice is so cute! This drama CD is like an “extended version” of his short anime episode, although some of the lines are exactly the same. It’s actually quite funny since the anime has NO music/SE or anything like that but this CD does? Like, why would you put more effort into the CD? Oh well, I have no complaints here.

Personally, I think the show itself would have been better as a drama CD series, so I’m glad that they are actually making some. However, they’re pairing all the guys up (with Merry not getting another CD) so I don’t think I’ll buy many. I might pick up the Chuuni + Accent boys one.

My score: 5/10

I’d recommend this CD to those of you who thought Merry was nice/good/cute in the show or to people who like Hanae Natsuki, since hearing him say “nya” makes the CD worth it. The song is super catchy too!

P.S. If you have time, check out the online comics, they’re adorable (and very short).


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